Sep 20, 2009

Kuching!!!!!!!!I'm coming!

Hi!I just reach Kuching.It's cold here cause got air-con at my uncle's apartment....Whoo.......I took 2 flights.One Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur.The second one is Kuala Lumpur to Kuching.First time took flight so long!For lunch,i ate 'pak lo' duck.Nice......Then,we went to my uncle's room and stay there.There got many room and two computers.I'm using one of it now.Hmm....i'm very enjoy this Raya holiday....Hope next year go to Sabah.Haha.....That's only a dream.Tommorow,i'm going to swim and some of my family members will go to the wet market.I must also buy some kek lapis and key-chain for my friends and my dearest teacher,Sir Zulhri.....I expect the kek lapis will be expensive.Hmm....Let's see tomorrow.

Sep 18, 2009

I can't wait FOR.....

I can't wait for RAYA!!!!!!!!!Whee...pee!!!!!!!Although i'm chinese but i still like RAYA.Do you know why,cause i'm going to Kuching,Sarawak.Yeah!!!!!The first time go to Sarawak....I'm going with aeroplane so i'm quite excited.I'm going on Sunday,maybe 11.00am.Think,so?I will lots of keychain ....Anyway,my Sir Zulhri 'kirim' kek lapis.Oh,man....

Sep 12, 2009


Hi,let's join facebook.With that,we can be friends and chat!It will be fun.For all the readers,please take care of yourself.Bath with soap and shampoo.Wash hands often and eat vegetables and fruits.I cannot wait to Raya coz i'm going to Kuching at that day.Yeay!!!!

Sep 11, 2009 HAPPI!

I'm quite happy becoz i managed to update some things and did some other works.For your info,I'm going to take part in a competition that is Nilam.Nilam is a competition to make people to read books.Now,i'm reading many books so that the number of books will more than 360 books.That is the tired.360??My books only less than 100.Oh my God!!!!Help me!

Sep 10, 2009


Yeah!I made it.I successfully managed to upgrade my templates.But,it's too trendy,don't you think so?I'm so tired finding templates but at last i can la....Okay,bye and good night! sad=(

Hi!I'm so sad cause i don't know how to upgrade my poor blog.....Huhu...."mummy,HELP ME!!"I thought i want to put 'Hello Kitty" template but cannot.But,i want to try my best.I KNOW I CAN DO IT!Malaysia Boleh!

Juat update my blog.....

Hello!Please comment anything although it's bad thing.I can accept all things.For your info,i just update my blog so that you all won't be boring because there's nothing.Remember,WASH OUR HANDS!FIGHT H1N1!See you then,bye!!!!!!!

Sep 8, 2009

Hello!Please comment if i done any wrong.Actually,i have no idea what to do.I'll try my best.By the way,wash your hands always to prevent H1N1.Fight H1N1!!!!!!!!!!I hope everybody is fine.If you are having fever,go to check doctor.Remember that!

Aug 8, 2009


Hi,everybody.Almost one week i Haven't do things with my blog......So silly....I'm very very boring........I'll try to update my blog as fast as i can so that you all can enjoy my blog!!!

Jul 31, 2009


I'm so sad coz cannot go picnic.Huhu.......Oh,,,,,,,,,,why life is like this???????Hehe....just joking.I'm so lazy to do anything......Then,later i must go to my father's fren house....It should be boring(think so)Hehe......My sister are not in good condition.She has fever.Luckly,she is not a suspect for dengue.....Huh....I must do so many housework.Ish3.....God,HELLLLLLLLLP MMMEEEEE!!!!!!

Jul 30, 2009

My 2nd post.....

Hi,everyone!I'm so tired...My sister doesn't come back yet.My parents are working.So,i surf the internet.The most happy thing is,,,.....I'M GOING TO GO FOR A PICNIC 2MOROW!!!!!!!!I'm so excited.But,must see first.Dear listeners,sit back and let me tell you a story about ME.........!I'm goin to compete other school for choir...........I become the conductor.Hehe.........I think i cannot make it laa...Coz i'm not very good at it!Pity me.......

Jul 29, 2009

Howdy,partner!!!!!!!This is my first experience doin blog.So,hope you enjoy my blog.(but actually,ther's nothing to see!haha...)