Sep 12, 2009


Hi,let's join facebook.With that,we can be friends and chat!It will be fun.For all the readers,please take care of yourself.Bath with soap and shampoo.Wash hands often and eat vegetables and fruits.I cannot wait to Raya coz i'm going to Kuching at that day.Yeay!!!!

Sep 11, 2009 HAPPI!

I'm quite happy becoz i managed to update some things and did some other works.For your info,I'm going to take part in a competition that is Nilam.Nilam is a competition to make people to read books.Now,i'm reading many books so that the number of books will more than 360 books.That is the tired.360??My books only less than 100.Oh my God!!!!Help me!

Sep 10, 2009


Yeah!I made it.I successfully managed to upgrade my templates.But,it's too trendy,don't you think so?I'm so tired finding templates but at last i can la....Okay,bye and good night! sad=(

Hi!I'm so sad cause i don't know how to upgrade my poor blog.....Huhu...."mummy,HELP ME!!"I thought i want to put 'Hello Kitty" template but cannot.But,i want to try my best.I KNOW I CAN DO IT!Malaysia Boleh!

Juat update my blog.....

Hello!Please comment anything although it's bad thing.I can accept all things.For your info,i just update my blog so that you all won't be boring because there's nothing.Remember,WASH OUR HANDS!FIGHT H1N1!See you then,bye!!!!!!!

Sep 8, 2009

Hello!Please comment if i done any wrong.Actually,i have no idea what to do.I'll try my best.By the way,wash your hands always to prevent H1N1.Fight H1N1!!!!!!!!!!I hope everybody is fine.If you are having fever,go to check doctor.Remember that!