Jan 16, 2010


Today I'm so tired because mop the floor and vacuum it.Fuh...Sakit belakang like old woman.Haha!=D I HARRY POTTER!!!!!I like to watch it many times.I also like TWILIGHT.Nice....=)Tomorrow is my Pelantikan Pengawas,Yeah!!!!!!!!

Jan 15, 2010

Pelantikan Pengawas AGAIN!!!!!

Heloo.....everyone!The day after tomorrow i have a Majlis Pelantikan Pengawas.I'm scared because a police is gonna give us the certificate.Oh.......Then,at the afternoon i have another majlis for JOM KE SEKOLAH 'thingy'.Hummpphhh...So t-rex....But,neverminelah.It's an honour to go to this majlis=)