Sep 9, 2010

Happy Aidilfitri!!!!

T0 all my Muslim friends...

SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wish u all a nice n joyful RAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile Always!!

G00d news!!!!!!!

Hi,every0ne n again, this is my 3rd p0st 4 2day..but neverminelah c0z I cann0t publish any p0st 4 a few days. Last(a c0uple of m0nths),I entered d Permata Pintar Pr0gramme. It's like menguji 0ur minda like dat. If v pass 2 test dat d pr0gramme give, v can g0 2 d camp at UKM. S0, it's kinda fun n I've MADE IT!!!!!! Yes!! I'm s000 happy....I'm glad I can g0 this time c0z last year I fail...Thank u, s0 much GOD!!!!

F00tballl again....;)

F00Tball feVER is stILL 0n 4 Me!!!!!!

U kn0w,I l0ve f00tball....since my grandpa rec0mend 2 me ar0und last 5 m0nths??
I l0ve MU,Barcel0na n m0st...ARGENTINA F00TBALL TEAM!!!!!!!!
U d0n't kn0w h0w I've l0ved them n I always want 2 meet them especially the FAM0US 0NE!
I l0ve Li0nel Messi!!!He's so000 hands0me n g00d in his carier.His girlfriend is pretty n they're g0in 2 marry this end year(written in Wikipedia)!!Oh man,,,I l0ve him s0 much than 0ther players!
Actually,,,players like R0naldho n Wayne R00ney is the devils!!!
They're s000 playb0y!!N0t like Messi....
Th0se wh0 l0ve R0naldh0 n R00ney,plez d0n mad...
Dis is just my 0pini0n n u can c0mment if u want 2...
Anyway,,,,L0VE u F00TBALL!!!!!!!


Hmmm....2day I must g0 back 2 perak(my kampung) 2 celebrate RAYA!!!Haha....n0t d real 0ne la....mayb I can't write any p0st yet c0z d Net is a bit sl0w there..BUT,,,,!D0n't w0rry c0z I'll be back in a few days.It'll be Sunday but I d0n kn0w whether I can manage 2 publish any p0st..huhu...I'll remember u all always!!!Bye n Smile Always!!!

PS:U see!!!I did many things yesterday 2 upgrade my bl0g!How is it??My pets als0 already tidak ditutup by the p0sts...Haha!

Sep 8, 2010

A s0ng 4 u All!!

Smile is s0methin' dat u give it away,
Give it away,give it away....

Smile is s0methin' dat u give it away,
and it c0mes right back 2 u...'s just like a magic penny,
U hold on tight and you w0n't hv any!

Lend it spend it give it away,
And it c0mes right back 2 u!!!

And it c0mes right back to u!!!!!!

Nice s0ng!!!

Kwa3!!!Got ya!

Hahaha...I'm trying 2 upgrade my bl0g n0w but ended wit sadness..Sob2...I want 2 tiru my sister but cann0t..Tulah!!Want 2 tiru sangat. I want 2 d0wnl0ad the ful page pets n I got 2 n0w. Can u see??A m0nkey n a panda but tertutup wit the posts la...Huhu...Well,if u wan 2 be my f0llower,silakan..U'll be d 1st one k0t c0z I d0n't hv any yet.

My UPSR is c0min'!!!!Wish me Good Luck!Smile Always!!

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Sep 6, 2010

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