Sep 29, 2010 is life..

Hi...2day I've n0 m00d la..s0 b0ring. Everything is c0ntr0led by 0thers n n0t me. By d way, I'd already get my Permata Pintar letter. Hehe..quite happy c0z I d0n need 2 keep d secret 4m anyb0dy n0w. Mum came h0me early (last night). D0n kn0w what's d reas0n but nevermine. I hate the m0st when I had 2 sing a Raya s0ng 4 Mum's 0ffice Raya celebrati0n! I hate it! I d0n't want! I h0pe s0meb0dy understands me. Mum sc0ld me bec0z I d0n want.. I really d0n't want!!!! Help me, s0meb0dy... 2night g0t practice. I h0pe n0 0ne will pick me.. Please, s0meb0dy pujuk Mum 0r n0t I have 2 suffer... Haih...I've n0 right 2 ch00se alth0ugh it's my right. Yah,,, s0metimes parents d0n want 2 hear their kids opinion bec0z the parents think they've n0 right 2 speak n dat is called 'RUDE'...What?? Even in the newspapers enc0urage parents 2 listen 2 their child. Am I right?? But,,, what 2 d0? Guess I need 2 f0ll0w my Mum instructions. LIFE IS LIFE!

P.S:N0 heart feelings, please ? And thanks t0 d new f0ll0wer!! Hi, Je Ee or Ah Ee!!

Sep 28, 2010

20 Things That I Really Wanted...

1. A DSLR camera (H0pe I can get m0re m0ney. By working?)
2. 5A UPSR (Of c0urse! That's the main thing n0w.)
3. Happy at UKM (Xkanlah sad.)
4. Nice r00mmate at UKM (Wh0 will I talk t0 if d0n't?)
5. Ip0d (N0t sure but I d0n't want t0 use my m0ney.)
6. Get a jersey (Or keychain as l0ng as g0t f00tball l0g0 0n it.)
7. Get English c0urse f0r Writing and Imaginati0n (At UKM bec0z it's OK f0r me..)
8. New bag (Brand: Swan. F0r next year.)
9. Unif0rm (Baju kurung 0r pinaf0re?)
10. Can meet Messi (He's my id0l, beb!)
11. Get t0 be friend with an international artiste (Dreaming...)
12. Can learn easily (When in sec0ndary sch00l.)
13. My peac0ck fishes increase (Yeah man...I want t0 break new rec0rd.)
14. Get tawaran until luar negeri (D0n't g0 als0 nevermine!!)
15. A happy family (Yah...wh0 d0n't want, right?)
16. My bl0g get f0ll0wer (N0w is zer0..)
17. Be an author (H0pe s0, k? Dreamy May.)
18. Share a new c0mputer with Che (Oh man..)
19. Nice trip at Sabah (C0ming!!! Wait f0r me, dear Sabah!)
20. A b0y fall in l0ve wuth me 0r a crush (B0yfriend!)

P.S: I think n0. 10 n 11 are imp0ssible but nevermine.
I'll be Messi's n0 1 FAN! (N0. 10)
D0n't kn0w (N0.11)
H0pe can find 0ne at UKM (N0. 20 n just kidding!)

Sep 27, 2010

Pity me...

I'm quite sad 2day... Let me tell u 0ne by 0ne. D first thing is, my m0m g0t c0urse at Kuantan, Pahang... I'm s0 sad c0z she'll g0 2 d c0urse f0r 4 days n she'll be back on THURSDAY. S0 l0ng.. And d sec0nd sad thing is, my friends bullied me. I d0n cry but my feelings hurt s0 much, u kn0w? They d0n understand my feelings n bully me 0ne by 0ne. It is n0t fair c0z their gr0up g0t many 'peny0k0ng' n fight me al0ne. Every0ne want me 2 cry but I d0n want 2 cry! T0m0rr0w,,I'll try 2 bully them again n mmake them cry...Haha! Lucky I'm a g00d pers0n. Alth0ugh I did n0thin' 2wards them, they still bully me n0n-st0p by saying I l0ve s0me0ne dat I d0n l0ve!! Then, they said I to0k Che's b0yfriend dat is J0E! What!! I d0n l0ve him, k?? I l0ve s0me0ne wh0 is far away 4m my h0me dat is ... SECRET!!!!!! But just f0rget dat c0z why sh0uld I angry wit them bec0z wat they say is untrue, right?? Well, at sch00l, we enj0y ecept the bully 'thingy'. Zalifah, my friend, share her experience at PermaTA pINTAR camp 4 me.. Hmm.. it's s0unds interesting n it make me wanna g0 there. (actually, I'm goin there. Haha..)

P.S:Just n0w my sis pulled my ear c0z I said J0e is her bf. D0n be angry, k?? Haha...
Can't wait 2m0rr0w!!(D0n kn0w why)Kih3...

Sep 26, 2010


Hi again every0ne!!!! 2day sch00l is a bit suck! It's s0 b0ring alth0ugh we've finished 0ur 'exam'... My headmaster d0n't let us g0 in d c0mputer lab...It's terribly b0ring...Just n0w, Ckg Ruslam (my camping teacher) said dat 0ur sch00l will held a camping. I want 2 g0!!!! D0n kn0w where but I h0pe d place is nice. He als0 tell us ab0ut the trip 2 Langkawi which I'm sure I can't g0 c0z my family is saving m0ney 4 d Sabah trip end 0f this year. D0n f0rget d Permata Pintar camp!! S0, mummy said d0n g0 la...Huhu...N0w I'm savin' m0ney 4 my DSLR camera...W00h000...!! Speakin' ab0ut KL, I wish 2 g0 2 d f00tball sh0p in ar0und Kajang...I wan 2 buy jersey n I want 2 find a band (like Nadal wear) n it's quite c00l la...

P.S:B0red...h0pe 2morrow can g0 2 lab;)