Feb 1, 2011

Huhu... :(

I'm extremely sad! I got no. 11 in the cross country race!!! I thought I did the best already but .... Aiyaa... But at least PERKASA is not the last sports house!!! We got no. 3! That's the good news. ;) I can't enter the zone level already.. Kwa3x..! Tonight or tomorrow, I'm going back to Perak (for CNY). Can't wait! Everyone waitin' for us (my family)! Haha.. going to get a lot of ang-pows, I think so. I don't think I can update my blog for a while but.. nevermine! I can still try to surf Internet there.. Maybe?? I think it's enough for today,,, bye!!!

P.S: Today's quote : I love PERKASA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job!

Jan 31, 2011

I'm nervous!!!

What's up, everyone? I'm fine, thank you but I have a bit prob here... My (our family) broadband become a bit slow. I HATE slow lines!! Aarrgghh..!!! Please,, I want fast one. Oh, no!!

There's another thing I have to worry about, that is the cross country race!!! I hope I'll be fast enough to be in the top 10 'cause my teacher told me that they're going to choose 10 student for each category to compete for the ZONE LEVEL!! But, my mum told me that only 5 students per category. So,,,to be safe, I need to be in the top 5!! Well,,I'm scared. Please wish 'good luck' for me?? I need some good wishes.. Anyway,, I'm really looking forward to it! It's TOMMOROW, beb!!! I feel like I want to cry.. :(

P.S: Do wish me somethin' such as " Good Luck " or whatever. Although I don't check my blog after this,,,at least God hear you, right? Wish me for the cross country event and also for the sake of my broadband. Haha... Well,,,bye!

Jan 30, 2011


Hi!! Surprise? Although I'm not allowed to use Facebook,I can still update my BLOG!! Just came back 4m the school 'cause I got cross-country practise. The real competition is on TUESDAY! Oh My,,, I can't wait! But I'm a bit 'low' just now. The first practise: I was slow! The second practise: I was fast and I got no. 4 overall! The third practise (latest) : I'm quite slow.

It's really dissapointing me! I hope I can repeat the glory of the 'second practise' again on Tuesday... Aarrgghhh!!! My whole body hurts and my kidneys,heart and liver too!! I'm sad...Oh God,,help me. I want to be one of the best 'cause I want to enter the zone level. I don't know why I love SPORTS so much! It's like...my LIFE. I don't know whether I'm good at it but I still want to try. I love my sports house too that is PERKASA!! I know other houses is better but I love PERKASA (really don't know why) !!

P.S: Going to Kota Bharu... to buy some things for praying and CNY!!!