Jun 24, 2011

A week full of laughs and hatred ... :D

Hey, guys ! This week is such an emotional week . Not really, actually . Hahaha ! I got a lot of stories to tell you ! Wanna know ? Do read ... :D

Sad story first, please . Hehehehe ... Okay,,, my friends treat me like I'm a bad girl . To be more exact , a bad tomboy ! Huh ... The story is very long and I don't think you will understand my problem . I'm so lonely this week . No one seems to take care of me (friends) .
Except the boys such as Taufiq, Ibrahim and Idris and mostly my best friend,, Ifzan . :D They have been making me smile and laugh this week . I'm so glad to have them by my side ! Thank you !! I hope the girls will be fine next week . Yaaahhh,, girls .... Girls is soo00oo complicated ! Hmph ! I'm not included 'cause I'm a tomboy . Hahaha ! It's so weird to know that our friends (boys) is better than the girls . I don't mean that I don't like my friends (girls) ... It's just that I miss my old friends ... So sad ... But ... it's a norm to separate and meet new friends, rite ?? Wee Soo May is stressed now .... Okay,, just try to ignore my sadness , okay ? Hahaha ... I have been laughing with love ! :D

I'm so proud and happy that my English teacher used my essay to teach other classes how to make a good essay . Hehehe .. Take note, I'm not bragging ! :D Soo00oo happy . Other English teachers photocopied my essay too ! Yeay !! I hope I can do better essay in the future . Maybe I'll post my essay if I'm free . :D BTW,, I'm super nervous to face Sports Day !! OMG !! Can someone give me some motivation ?? :D I'm having butterflies in my stomach ! I hate this . I can't imagine running through the field with hundreds of students looking at me, cheering at me, screaming at me ! Hahaha ! Haaaaaaarrrggghhhh ... < Stress scream :D

I'd like to make myself believe ,
That planet Earth turns slowly ,
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
awake when I'm asleep ,
'Cause everything is never as it seems ,
When I fall asleep ...

p/s : Fireflies - Owl City . I'm havin' Adam Young fever ! Haha .. Have to go now ! Bye ! :D

Jun 22, 2011

Rain, rain and rain ... :D

Another post on a school day ! Heeee ... As you can see, it's about raining today . Hmmm ... I'm supposed to be at school, running around the 4oo m field but I'm sitting here, typing ! Hehehe ...

4.oopm : Taufiq (friend) and I were so energetic after talking so much and we ran around the field for 4 rounds !! FOUR ! 1600 m ! Imagine that ! But,, of course he wins . HE ... a boy ! Waaaa,, at least I have warm up my body . Hehe ... Sweatin' although the sports practise haven't start yet .

Then,, lined up at the field . Was enjoying the wind actually while looking at the dark sky . Scary ... The 'black' cloud is attacking the 'white' cloud !! Hahaha ...

Then,,,,,,,, splash !!! Rain, rain, rain !! Run, run, run !! :D I'm wet ! Hahahahaahahhaah !!

This emo cartoon is so cute ! Hahaha,, it suits with this post ! But, I don't say, " Awww ... The sky is crying . " Heheehhehehe ... I love emo cartoons !!

p/s : How's my layout looks like ?? Okay ?? :D Do leave a comment so that I can know whether it's pretty or not . Thanks ! Bye !

Jun 21, 2011

Father and Daughter ... :D

Hi !! Urmmm ... I managed 2 type somethin' here for a mean time . Just came back from school. T-Rex > (tired) hua3x ... Guess what ! I went back to my house by walking ! Haha ! Surpised ?? Please continue 2 read ... :D

No computer class 2day cause Sir need to get back early . Hehehe ... School is supposed to finish at 2.40pm but I went back at 1.40pm . To be more accurate, I don't go back home yet . I talked with my friend, did some homework and then ... went out 2 buy some cool drinks !! Waaaa ,,, bought white coffee special . Wait ! White coffee special or special white coffee ??Uhhh ,,, whatever !! Hahaha ... Special means there's ice-cream (on the ice-blended drink) . I chose vannila with some choc chips ! Delicious !! Then,, my friend went back . Huhu ...

2.40pm : Papa supposed to take me back . Where ?? Nevermine,, I'm sure Papa is busy ...
3.00pm : Where's Papa ?? Just wait, Wee Soo May .
3.15pm : Okay ! Headin 2 the public phone .

"Papa,, are you busy ??"

"Yaaahh ,, I still can't leave the shop ."

"Owhhh ... okay ."

"Just wait at your place, kay ?"

"Okay, bye ."

"Bye ."

Papa picked me up with his motorcycle at 3.45pm. Hehheee ... :D But,,, somethin bad happened ! The tyre burst ! Not burst,,, it's kinda a hole on the tyre and makes the air in it came out . Had 2 stop at the petrol station . Hwa3x .. :D Oh noo00oo ! Had 2 walk ! Around 1 km 2 home !! Urmm .. nevermine ! This is the first time , with Papa !! :D

Walk, walk, walk and walk . Stopped at the 'motorcycle shop' ? < It is rite ?? Haha,, ! Then,, done ! Heeee ... :D Okay,,, need 2 stop now .

p/s : It's soo00oo nice ! A very rare experience . I have been following Papa behind, it's ... what can I say ?? Father and daughter . Soo00ooo touching, I hope I can do that with my father always ! :D BTW,, feelin' like changing my layout . Hmmm,,, by the way (again),, please listen to the Firefiles-Owl City . The best song and video !

Jun 19, 2011

Happyy ... To read it, please continue ... :D

Heylooo00oo ...!! First of all, I would like to wish every father in this world including mine, Happy Father's Day !! Thank you so much for taking care of us besides Mum . You're the best guy, Papa !! :D

Hahahaha ... 2day I have lots to tell you . First of all, I went up the stage just now, i mean,, in the morning . Heeeeee ... I got presents from the Principal for the straight As results in this mid-year exam . Happy !! Heheheeee ... Got some logbooks . Wahhh ... There's so many people clapping their two little hands . :D I am also the Top Student for Form 1 . I'm not bragging, okay !! Just trying to share my happiness . :D

BTW, the second one ... My friend (BFF) also got UKM 2 and she will take the exam on the same date, same day, same session, same school !!! Yipeee ...!! Can't wait 2 see her !

Third one ,,, errrmm ... Darn it ! I forgot ! Wait ... Oh, nevermine ! I just can't remember it . Okay,, this is for 2day . Ermmm,,, guess this is a 'bye' . Bye !!

p/s : Did homework for 2 hours (maybe more than that) . Wow ! Crazy ! Haha,, I know . :D