Jul 2, 2011

Saturday !! :D

Hi, all ! Hehehe ... Just came back from school . Ermm,, school ?! 2day is Saturday ! Yahh,, I know . Psst, psst ,, Wee Soo May is talking by herself . Hahaha .. Okay, need to go to school just now 'cause we have ... Larian 1Malaysia !! < Translate ?? 1Malaysia Run ! :D Did a lot of activities such as walking, talking and drinking . Just jokin' . I mean,, running . Yahh,, running !! :D Got number 2 overall ! Yeay ! Hahaha ... Why am I such a bragger lately ?? Hey, imaginary friend of May ! I'm not bragging ! :D
Had a some kind of fight with my friend . Huh ,, I hate to fight or anything that is not good ! Hahaha .. not good ?? Uhh,, nevermine . I hate haters !! I am a hater if I hate a hater who hate someone , actually . What's wrong with my friend ?! He's the one who started first ! Okay,, accidentally give you a clue : He's . Hahaha ,, I feel like I want to punch him but .. it's not good, rite ? I feel like I want to say ,,

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

-taken from Harry Potter's books-

and,, punch ! Smack him !! Muahahaha ... It's not good ! I feel like it's our end of friendship . Hahaha ,, I'm so dramatic ! But ,, had to have some hope on him to let hime realise his mistake or .. is it mine's ?? Whatever ! :D Never give up on anybody . Miracles happen every day .

p/s : Had to go now ! Wee Soo Yen wants to use the Net ! Runnn ..!! :D

Jun 30, 2011

Chapter ________ : Sports Day :D

Hi, everyone ! In the mood to update my blog 'cause I'm soo00oo happy ! Want to know why ?? Please open the Book of May, Chapter __ : Sports Day . :D

Okaeyh, everyone . Remember when I tell you all that I had to take part in 200m and 4x400 m ?? Yahh,, but there's a change . I need to take part in 4x400m too . Gosh ! I have to run around the field ! I'm weak in long distance race . Oh - my - God . Now,, let's see what happens yesterday . :D

Okaeyh,, my friend (Trah) hugged me before I went to 'check in' for the 200m . I saw a boy lookin' at both of us . Hahaha .. :D Was soo00oo nervous 'cause it's my first race . Had to get ready . OMG .. Ready, set and GO ! I ran and ran and ran . There's just one thing in my mind : Win a medal for my sports house . And ,, I won ! I jumped and cheered as soon as I stepped at the finishing line . It was ... cool ! I just can't believe it ! I saw Trah running towards me and gave me a sudden hug . She said, " See ? I know you can do it ! " My first gold medal ! I kissed the medal and the kiss will stay on the medal, think so . Hahaaha ! :D

Now,, 2nd race : 4x100m . Ouuhh ,, I lost . The end . Hahaha ,, I lost 'cause the 2nd runner is quite slow and she doesn't have the experience for 4x100m . Managed to teach her some tactics . Hahaha ... But, of course , I can't blame her . Everyone has its own capability . Had to catch up with the other runners but I just can't . Trah said I ran very fast but just can't catch up with them 'cause they get their batons early than me . Huhu .. Sad ...

Okaeyh ,, my teacher gave our team some motivation to win 4x400m , that is our last race . He said it was our chance to fight back and get our revenge ! Muahahaha < Evil laugh . I was tired and had no confidence at all that I could win the race . We had a march and had to stand under the hot sun for 1 hour and 30 min . Imagine that ! I was hopeless . Hua3x ... :D I was the 2nd runner and as soon as the baton was passed to me , I ran as fast as I can . And as soon as the baton was passed to the 3rd runner, I screamed .

" My leg, my leg !! " I cried . It was the most painful pain I've ever had , think so . OMG ! I was taken by the Red Cresent Society's member to their camp . My leg cramped . My sis cried too . Everyone is lookin' at us like , " See that sisters . They were crying ! " Hahaha ... But there's good news ! My team sat beside me and I asked them what number do we get . They replied with a smile saying that we get number 1 ! I said, " Yes ! " although I was such in a pain . The 'spectators' laughed . :D I was soo00oo happy and I managed to get up . I felt like I'm a baby trying to get up and stand . Hahaha .. I was happy ! What a day ! 2 gold medals !

p/s : Perkasa (my sports house) got number 2 over 4 sports house ! We break the record ! I was soo00oo happy ! :D My sis got 2 bronze medals . I win ! Hahha,, why am I such a bad younger sister ?? Hehehe .. Congrats to her ! Clap3x ! :D

Jun 28, 2011

I finally found a true friend ... :D

Hi ...! What's up ?! Now,, again,, please open the Book of May to see what happens today . It's about True Friends and Sports Day . Let's continue ... :D

Okaeyh ... I was deeply touched by my friend just now (during Sports Day) . Want to know what happen ?? Sorry,, this secret can't be shared to public . But ,, just one thing . I cried . Just that, no more clues . Hahahaha ... At least,, I have found my true friend . :D I hope this won't change forever . FRIENDS FOREVER !!

Now,,, 2nd story, please . 28th and 29th of June is my school's Sports Day that is actually,, today and tomorrow ! OMG ... Why OMG ?? 'Cause I'm taking part in 4x100m and 200m . I'm scared ! I wish I could win but ... can I ?? I'm not an excellent runner ! My God ! Everyone is thinking that I could win . Everyone is hoping me to win . I never win a gold medal before !! Oh my ! What am I going to do ?!! First,, pray . That's the best . Second, collecting luck from all of you . Wish me 'Good Luck' please ?? I need it so much ! :D Pray for me too if you hope me to win . I'm going to compete tomorrow . Haih ... help me ... Huhu ! Okaeyh ... Now,, it's time for me to go . Bye !

p/s : Our Girl Guide march is amazing ! Hahhaha ... :D

Jun 27, 2011

Sports ... again ! :D

Hi ! It's Monday ! Another school day and another school post ! :D What's up ?? Thinkin' about writin' a post again 2day . Heeee ... Okaeyh ! > New style of 'Okay' . Now,, let's open the Book of May again for today . Found it ! Now,, let's talk 'bout Sports Day ! :D

Okaeyh ... To make the Spots Day looks cool,, we are supposed to do a march and walked around the 400m field . We can choose to represent our uniform unit (ex . Scouts, Red Cresent ) or our sports house (ex . Wira, Satria ) . I chose to be in my uniform unit that is ... GIRL GUIDE ! But,, the main prob is .. Girl Guide unit is not famous or active in our school compared to Red Cresent Society . So sad .. Huhu ... Our team is just around 20 people . We need around 10 more !! Huhu ... It's sooo00oo .. !! Aaargghh !!

Invisible guy : Okaeyh, May . Relax .
May : How can I relax ?!
Invisible guy : Just let the teachers handle it .
May : Huh ,, yahh ...

I hoped we're not the underdogs . I don't want to !! :D Okaeyh,, dear readers , had to go now . I have Moral assignment that is waiting for me . It's about taking care of our environment . Example ?? See this cute little picture below . Hehehe ... Bye !! :D

Jun 26, 2011

Ermm ... What ?! :D

Hi ! Heehehehehee ... Ermm,, I don't know what to say right now but I know I should write a post for you guys . Waaaa,, hahaha ! Okay,, now straight to the point . I'm sad + happy today . I finally feel the need to choose friends wisely . Hmmm ... :D

Sad story first .. F.R.I.E.N.D.S = friends ... What should I do to prevent myself from being bad ?! Okay,, first,, choose a good friend . Yaaahhh ,,, good friends . How can I find that special person ?? Hmm .. Had to think about it . I'm soo00oo lonely this morning . I don't have friends to talk . My friends talked so much things that is not related to any things that I like . Examples : Love . My friends are pretty, of course ! But, me ?? Just a ... huh ... Ugly duckling ?? So,, I just do my homework, homework and HOMEWORK . Nevermine,, at least I'm hardworking, right ?? :D

This pic is cute, right ?? It explains my feelings right now . :D Just ignore my wish to have Mr Right, okay ?? Hhahahaha .. I'll never get one, I think so . ~sad~ Now,, please get out of this love story ! Hehehhehe ... Okay,, guys . Saw my wish list ?? It's at the right side of my blog . And do see the first wish : MP3 or MP4 or MP5 . I hoped to have that cool gadget but ... I feel pity towards my parents .. It's not that cheap, right ?? It's quite expensive and I don't want to burden them . But ,,, it's my dream !! Mum promised me if I get straight As (and I got it already) ,, Mum will buy one . But ,, I think it's better for me to cancel the wish but it will still stick on my list . :D Just have to wait for one day ...

p/s : I am such a good daughter, right ?? Hahaha ... BTW,, just keep this as a secret, okay ?? Shhh ... :D Okay,, had to help Mum now . Bye !