Dec 31, 2012

Cryptology 2012

Amir- Who cries with me everytime I cried. :')
Tina- My 2010 mate. :)
Aniq Halim- The one always fill the class with laughters. :D
Hanis- Cheerful lady! ^^
KA- The anonymous guy. Heheh :3
Christie- The girl with a very nice voice!
Talha- My Explorace groupmate!
Shamila- A very shy girl but always has a smile on her face. :)
Lee- My best Chinese male friend aka 飞机头 :D
Nureen- My cute ex-CSI friend!
Syahir- The boy that has gone crazy over chemistry. ;)
Najeeha- Which has a nickname : Nayeeha :D
Daus- The 'hunter'..
Nisa'- The debator! ^^
Ernesto- My special Mexican friend. *winkwink* ;)
Fasehah- The pink lover.
Khalid- The boy that has gone slim and tall over a year. Haha :D
Miza-The Malay girl who can speak in Mandarin :)
Syakir- Crypto leader! Weee :D
Ezzah- The tiny one. :)
Kamini- Who listens to radio all the time.. ;)
Atif- Our Crypto commander!
Marsya- Loudest girl voice I heard in Crypto :D
Kholaf- The 'pure' one. :)
Mai- My 2011 roommate!
Fazreel- Looks quiet but actually a naughty person. :D
Fiqah- The Iron Lady.
Yusuf- The tall man of Crypto. :)
Razman- Who has a super freaking hairstyle!
Mira- A very quiet girl, or perhaps she is actually talkative? ^^
Aniq Najmi- The one that always snaps photos. :D
Sharifah- Mai's 2012 roommate!
Dalila- The one who always sticks with Iman and often laughs. :)
Iman- The cute girl who wears braces. *sweet*
Athirah- The one who can't believe that Lee's hairstyle changed. xP
S. Khadijah- Mama of Crypto 2. :D
Fihanie- #capitalA# ^^
Izzat- The one that always pose with folded hands :D

These are the 38 people that I will never forget forever in my life, or perhaps I will forget some but don't worry, I will still keep the memories of us together. You guys are among the best coursemates that I've ever known. Please, believe me. I seriously mean it. You guys are the best. I still remember the first day when everyone of us looked at each other, weirdly. As day passes by, we laughed together, cried together, ate together, sang together, went to class together and did cheers together which I will remember every word of it. :) Cryptology, either class 1 or 2, I miss you guys so much! Muahhhhh

Of course there's my instructor, Teacher Anis and my TA, Teacher Farah. And Cryptology 2's instructor, Teacher Sue and TA, Teacher Farhana. Maybe I don't really know about Crypto 2's teachers, but I can guarantee that they look nice. And don't forget my dear instructor please, who always listens to our daily stories, who is a hardcore Big Bang fan, who teaches us different ciphers every day, who can still patiently teaches us even sometimes the topic is hard and who, for me, is the best listener ever. Thank you Teacher Anis, for guiding me in this 3 weeks time. And for my sweet TA, who always take us to class everyday, who always send us back when the class is finished, who patiently handles us even though we are stubborn, who teaches Modular Arithmetic, who stays with us since day 1 until the last day, everytime, and the first one who noticed that I was crying. Thank you Teacher Farah, for taking care of us so much. Really, I appreciate what both of you have done. I know a word 'thank you' is not enough for your kindness, so just let this post tell both of you how much I remember them in my mind. Thank you again, teachers.

There's two more people that I want to say here. My two lovely RAs, Abang Ku and Kak Ash. Abang Ku, thank you for taking care of me in this 3 weeks. Maybe the most touching moment I have with you is when you tell us the stories about your family back in Kelantan, it's really sad and everyone of us was listening attentively. Sometimes, I can see how hardworking you are to make everything happens nicely, such as the preparation for Sports Day, talentime and also for Kak Ash's 25th birthday. *wink wink* ;) And you're always the one who is patient and never scold us during the 3 weeks' time. And yeah, Kak Ash. You're really pretty and I admire you hair. Heee. I can still remember the time when you asked me if the Explorace is nice. I knew that Teacher Anis must have told you something and I'm glad to tell you that I'm still alive! I will never think something stupid, from that day on. And for me, the most touching moment with you is the last day of the camp, when we hugged each other. Really, that time I was like crying again but I already promised myself not to cry anymore, enough for crying so much. Dear both of my RA, I'm glad that I'm in Cryptology course and I have both of you as my RA. And I'm very sorry if I did any mistake. What matters most, thank you so much. And I wish both of you will be happy and forever healthy.

Wait, what happens to my roommate? Okay, my dear roommate, Ho Wei Wen Vivien. I love to say your name, even though I already said it for the 100th time. I may be a bit emotional in this post but this is seriously what I felt. We were roommates in 2010 and yet we're roommates again this year. Yah, even though you're in Flight Science course, but that never managed to keep us apart. I believe that we always stick together. I remember during 2010, how much I hate you because you're so slow like a tortoise. I'm always late because of you, which made me furious. But this year, that's not a problem anymore. I don't care how slow you are, I will still wait for you. Which makes our counsellors furious. We often chatted until late at night and we always sing, sing and sing (对面的女孩看过来) and dance too. Gangnam Style. I never knew how close we are compared to the last years. You accompanied me to the temple, be my Mandarin teacher, be my protector when I had fever, and be my best friend. Both of us are afraid of ghost, which something that we have in common and everytime we walked at the dark places, we always said, "Namo Amitabha" repeatedly. Which still makes me laugh even now. Thanks, for the nice memories. I hope that you will never be disturbed by 'that thing' anymore and keep healthy, roommate. :)

Vivien, Lee, Ryan, Jusey, Christie, Ara, Ernesto, Kamini. My moral gang. Seriously, being with you guys are the time that I always waited for. We often do everything together. Everytime it's moral time, we will definitely sit in one table. You guys made me laugh and made me realized that it was the best moral classes that I've ever had. I won't forget you guys forever for you guys brightens up my day and even, night. We came from different courses, Cryptology, Flight Science and Probability of Game Theory, but we never even noticed that difference. We are born in 1998, that bonds us together. And together we will strive for success. I will always pray for you guys, and thanks for being my best mates. :)

It's 31st Dec 2012, which marked the end of this year. How I gonna miss 2012. This year's camp really teaches me friendship. It's not just the ciphers, the codes that I break. It's the love that I had in this camp. It's different than the previous years. I had so many people that I knew there. I finally noticed that how nice the juniors treated me, they gave me chocolates, drinks, keychain and etc. And how nice the seniors treated me. I finally realized that all this good memories is from love, friendship. Maybe it's because I'm fourteen, I'm old enough to understand what love means. Which makes me appreciate people around me. To end this year and also to end this post, I promise I will never, ever forget this camp and of course, all of you that has given love to me. I wish all of you will be loved, 'cause that is the most important. PPCS'12, always in my mind. Thank you so much.



*do translate this*

Nov 9, 2012

Piano Grade 6 and A Post Before I Leave :)

Hi. I think this might be the last post for this month? Yeah, perhaps. I'm pushing off to KL tomorrow. So, this should be the last post before I'm going to a world with no internet usage. Urgh. How not cool is that.

Next year, I'm going to take Grade 6 practical exam, which is kinda very 'big' for me. Hewhew. Grade 6, it should be hard right? But then, I promised myself to pass the exam. I want to play the pieces smoothly and let the examiner know that I'm not just an ordinary child. Yes! I've been trying very hard lately and it did work. In practical exam, I must play 3 pieces. So, I've now learnt 2 of them which is Invention in B Flat by Bach and also Waltz in A Flat by Brahms. The pieces are very nice and it's my responsibility to play it correctly and nicely! I must make Bach and Brahms glad. Yeay, yeay. Although they're no longer alive. :( I really like the new change in me. I love it. I don't want to change myself with others. I'm satisfied with myself. I just want to be myself. To be Wee Soo May.

By tomorrow night, I will be flying to KL. I'm a superwoman! Haha. It's kinda sad to leave my home sweet home. Sigh. Now, I have to pack my bag. I'm lazy but I just have to. Nevermine, at least during this holidays, I'm going to have an excellent time! Really can't wait for it! Looking forward for this year's adventure! Yahoo!

Before I end this post, I hope that everyone enjoyed their time in this blog. (Er, is there anyone here?) Have a nice holiday and see you! Perhaps during the end of December, for the 2013 new-year post. *winkwink ;)

Recognize me? The right side one! 
I don't know why did I insert that photo. Maybe because it looks cute, with the One Direction photos! Heehee. Bye.. :)

Nov 8, 2012


Wow, wow, wow. It's been around one month plus I haven't write in this old, dusty blog. Ha-ha. Changed the old look with 'Little Things'. It's the One Direction new song! It's now holidays, so I have good mood. Hee. Last day of school and also the last day of final year exam. My God, I just can't describe how free and happy I am!

So, during the last September-November, I did a LOT of activities. I have co-curriculum activities in my school, had competition, Girl Guides won, went to English in Camp, had a good time, met with my old CSI friend, joined choral speaking competition, lose but didn't matter, exam, and finally, holidays!

Had a great time and oh yes, I did learnt a lot of invaluable lessons throughout the whole year. I'm glad. It's really great, great, great and great to still be in the year 2012. I wish I could look forward for more! Very, very excited.

By the way, I got in to PERMATApintar's camp again! So relieved and yet so happy! I got Cryptology course for this year. It's about hidden codes. Wow, cool huh? My old friends also got in and most of us have the same course. It should be really, really fantastic! My very good old friend (who joined the camp in 2010 but didn't join the camp in 2011) will also be there! Flipping fantastic, I should say!

By the way, on this Saturday, I will be boarding the airplane by myself. How cool and also dangerous is that? From Kota Bharu, I'll fly to Kuala Lumpur. Weee :) Everyone is too busy, so I'll have to travel by myself. When I get there, I'll be there for a few nights then I'll be at my granny's house and travel to KL again to join the camp. Interesting holiday! :D

Well, I really hope that this year's holidays will be very fun! Looking forward to travel by plane alone!! :D

Sep 16, 2012

Malaysia Day and so on.

Hey. It's been quite a long time since I've typed my last post. I'm busy and caught a cold this few weeks. First of all, Happy Malaysia Day! It's holiday and I don't have to attend school! I'm so delighted. I rarely have any rest even on weekends because I have a so packed schedule EVERY DAY. Even weekends don't seem amusing for me now. Sunday-Thursday, I have school. Friday-Saturday, I have Mandarin classes, music classes and Saturday extra classes. Now Saturday classes is no more but it still doesn't make any change in my hectic schedule. Mom and Dad want me to learn everything if possible so they send me to this class, to that class, to those classes and so on. Sometimes it really burdens me! Well, most of the times actually. I'm just a 14 year old girl but I really have to face so many things. Dad wants me to learn Mandarin, so he sets up a class for me on Fridays and Saturdays. I've already learned so many languages until that I think my mind is going to blow up one day! Being the last child in this family, I need to keep on. Handling all the stress and also desperately trying to find a time to enjoy myself. I just have to fulfill Mom's and Dad's so-high-hopes. Being their daughter, this is what I have to face. Although sometimes I really wanna stop all this craziness, I just can't. It's already my responsibility and yeah, I just have to go through with it and stay strong.

This few weeks I've also faced a lot of failures. It really feels very sad to face these failures but, life is still a life, right? It's not that we will succeed all the time. Sometimes even the greatest man on earth fails. No matter how hard we tried and no matter how much we put all our entire efforts on it, nothing seems to work. Which leaves us failures. Will there still a hope? Can I still look up? I've been treated unjustly for so many times and everything seems to put extra pressure on me. So that I could give up? No. I, will never, ever, lose to some sort of failures. Why should I? Failures are just failures. Even when we cried so much for it, so what? Sadness will come and go. So does happiness. We just have to keep our mind calm and peaceful and not to be so disappointed or so delighted by the results that we got. Remember, there will be ups and downs in our lives. That's the truth. We should let the failures that we had motivates us more. Look straight and everything will be fine. We just have to move on and yeah, just like I said, stay strong.

My post gonna end now, but my spirits aren't. So does yours. Never give up. Really, that quote works for me.

Sep 3, 2012

Oh badminton oh.

Er. Everything's not going well today. Yeah, me too. Badminton? I failed. Well, for this year. My coach said he would take the school players that have more experience first. He said he'll send us for any tournament next year. Pity me. And also a few of my friends. Well, we can't blame the teacher too 'cause we just started training for 3 days and the tournament is on this weekend! And it's like too fast like that. So, we just have to agree with him. *sigh.

The main point is, I'm so disappointed lah because I used quite a lot of money and energy and time for this practices. And there will be no more practices after this. Just for that 3 days. 3 days? Yeah, a short time right? My coach said he will do training after this tournament but, will he? There's no more other tournament for this year and usually teachers are lazy. So, I think these 3 days will be the only days. Huh. But I really hope the coach is willing to do training although there will be no more tournament this year. Please, please! I don't want to play for only 3 days!

I learnt so many things from this 3 days of training, which is good. I think my techniques are better and I'm glad. It's just that I'm a bit disappointed for not being chosen and also for the short time of training. But I think it's fair. Well, why? 'Cause I think I've got so many good things in my life this year and the past few years. So, my life wouldn't be always so happy right? I just have to face some disappointment. It's okay. Then my life will be stable. So, there's nothing really bad about this failure. It's just that .. it's a failure. Haha, never mine. Think positive!

The coach said that he'll choose me next year. So, I just have to wait ah. I'll just play and gain more experience. Yeah, I want to be like Lee Chong Wei too! (Silly me.)

Sep 1, 2012

Brains. Hoho.


So, I feel like talking about brains. Yum, yum. Brains. I'm a zombie! Okay, ignore that. So, do you guys wanna do some sort of brain test? Want to know if you're left brain person or right one? Click HERE to do this short test. Spend some precious minutes to know more about your brain.

So, I figured out that I'm a left brain person. How about yours? Left brain people are said to be smarter. Really? Nah.. Right brain people are the same! So, let's see what's good about left and right brain.

So, people who are left brain seem to be smarter, right? Because of they're mostly good in 'math and science' and uses facts rather than feelings. But, right brain people are also brilliant. They seem to be more nicer (huh?) and kinder (what?). Their lives are kinda relax and free without thinking all those facts and just use their feelings to solve things. Cool.

Cool way to describe what kind of left and right brain people are.

Left brain hemisphere controls right part of our body and the right brain hemisphere controls the left side of our body. So, maybe most left brain people writes with right hand. Well, ALMOST everyone in this planet uses right hand to do work. So, right brain people is kinda very special. Agree? 

But to be a genius, you have to use both of your brain. When we use both of our brain, we can master almost everything, which is yeah, good. One of the tips to be a genius is, try to do something with your other side of your hand. I mean, if you are a right-handed person, then try to hold things (or etc) with your left hand. And it goes vise versa with the left-handed one. 

I, myself is trying to use my left hand more. So, it's good right! Think positive, bro! By the way, there's one habit that can damage your brain, that is by talking less. So, there's nothing wrong being a talkative person, it's healthy! Yeah, yeah. I bet my sister gonna shut her mouth up later on because she always scolds me for talking too much. Now, you can't, sister!!

By the way, avoid sleeping with your head covered. Yeah, I always do that too but now, it seems I can't anymore! Wahaha, sleeping with your head covered can decrease the concentration of brain (bla, bla, bla), so that means, it's not good!

Brains are important in our lives, so appreciate it. And try to improve it by the tips I've given. Yeah, I just gave 3 tips only. Kikih. Sometimes, it's really nice to read something about brains. By the way, brains are full with cholesterol! Really? I heard it from the Plants Vs. Zombies theme song. Hahaha. 

I'm a left brain person (again)!! You??

Aug 31, 2012



HAHAHA. I finally write a post. Yeah, yeah. I'm really busy this week. And really tired too but I just can't forget about my blog and Facebook. Teehee.

I had badminton practices this week. Ooo? Badminton? Yeah, badminton! Hee.. Lee Chong Wei! He's my idol, you know. So, what's the matter with it? Haha, just for fun. Well, my teacher, wait, my coach is trying to find female badminton players that can represent the school for upcoming tournament! So, he said I could try. Yeah, so had to go for training almost everyday. So, I normally went home late in the evening. *sigh. But for my love for badminton (or, Lee Chong Wei?), I'll do the best! No matter what happens. I don't want to let go of this so good opportunity. I want to be like LCW! I wish he's my brother, then he can teach me how to play. Well, I actually learn a lot of things already from the training. So, it's nice. To learn new things eventhough I don't know if I could represent my school. Just play for fun, right? Play more, learn more.

By the way, I have really good news to be shared but then.. it's still a secret. I'm really eager to tell it but I just have to keep it up to myself first. And.. my family. If I break that secret, everything will go crazy. Really? Haha, just wanna make you guys nervous. Kikih. I'm really happy with that news until I cried. Tears of happiness, you see. After all this hardwork and challenges, yeah. I'll tell you when the time is suitable enough. Thank you, God. I just don't know what to say. Really, I feel very grateful with everything that I have in my 14 years old life. Thank you again, God.

I will try hard to achieve my dreams!! Yes, I can! Think positive!

P/S : Happy 55th birthday, Malaysia!

Aug 26, 2012

R.I.P Neil Armstrong :)


Late Neil Armstrong just passed away. He's one of my idols. Yeah, the first man to step on moon and walk on it. He's really cool. Dear late Neil Armstrong, rest in peace. You're a good man. :)

"One small step for man, a giant step for mankind." -Neil Armstrong

His family said that if anyone wants to know him better, look at the moon. And if it smiles, just wink at it. Wow. Nice. Really, I felt like crying. No, I'm kinda touched. Yeah, that's a better word. So, if whenever I see the moon, I will wink at it!

And one more, this Tuesday, the day after tomorrow, 28th August 2012, I'm going to face an important test that is UKM2 PERMATApintar. If I pass, I can go to PERMATApintar camp again! So, I really hope I can do it well. I hope I can answer it quite easily and calmly. Please, God. Please guys, please wish me luck! I need bags of luck to face this. Thank you.

"Berdepan apa jua cabaran tidak kira apa jua halangan." -Unknown

And again, R.I.P Neil Armstrong. And, good luck to myself! And to my friends who got the chance to get UKM2 test.

Aug 22, 2012

What did I do?


Yo, yo! I just came back from my hometown yesterday. It was fun and was kinda sad to leave Grandpa and Grandma but we had to. Mum has to work while Dad has to open his shop. Yeah, so we went home and got stuck in a terrible traffic jam. I thought it should be wiped away with bread! Yeah! And there's so many traffic lights that were not working and it made things worse. It's so dangerous. Yeah, it is the festive season. And yesterday it rained quite heavily. Pity Mum and Dad.. had to keep awake while my sister and I? We slept, of course! Almost throughout the whole journey! We are sleepyheads. :D

We reached home about well, almost 12 midnight. Sort of crazy right? But then, it's fate. Yeah, FATE. The trip back to my hometown was nice and I did quite a lot of things. I collected shells in the river (or lake? I'm not sure), bake FIVE cakes, played badminton, played with my little baby cousin and went to the temple to pray. It was nice, though. And it was some kind of last holiday for my sister for this year because she has to sit for the most important test in every Malaysian student's life, that is SPM stands for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. She has to sit the test around November until December, I guess. Almost a month!

And I have to be the maid of the house! Pity me, don't you? There's gonna be tonnes of house chores and not forgetting my homework to be done! *sigh. So, sister. Appreciate my efforts, okay. Or not, I'll kill you! *joking.

So, end of the story. Bye bye. :D

P/S : Gonna update back really soon. By the way, saw my header? Teehee :)

Aug 15, 2012

A One-Week Stories


This week is jam packed, that's why I don't have time to post anything. By the way, it's HOLIDAY! Feel so happy right now! School's over and there's nothing I have to worry about. Except for one thing.. Never mine, that thing is still a long way yet. This week I did a lot of things.

I did all my homework because I felt so hardworking on that day and I slept early for Olympics Closing Ceremony.

I woke up at 4 am although I set the alarm clock on 3.00 am. I rubbed my eyes, walked heavily towards the TV and watch the closing ceremony alone. Then, my sister and my Mum woke up and we watched together. It was quite boring in the beginning but then I heard, " Nanananananananana " and it was One Direction! I screamed, you know! Although it was around 4.15 in the morning. They sang WMYB and it was so perfect!! I felt like going to kiss the TV and hug the TV! I watched the Olympics from 4 am-7 am and went to school. Awesome.

One D in Olympics!!! 

Aaaahhhhh...! I felt so sleepy due to watching Olympics last night. *sigh. Had a headache, maybe because lack of sleep and I did a cake! I BAKE a cake. The cake was brilliant and Mum kept praising me for the job well done. Yeahehehe.

Wednesday (Today!)
Last day of school for this term. Feeling light and happy for the school to end. I got no. 2 for making a greeting card competition and got a certificate too! Cool. Then, everything went well except that my head kept aching for no reason. Did photography session with my BEST BEST FRIENDS and done for today!

From left: Siti, Trah, me and Raisya!

The photo is a bit blur but never mine! It's quite pretty, huh? By the way, found a new word today = exquisite which means extremely beautiful and pleasant! Just wanted to share it. Sharing is caring. Toodles!

Aug 12, 2012

Aidilfitri Card!

I just did this Aidilfitri digital card for my ICT project. My teacher told us to post it in our blogs. So, here it is! Happy Aidilfitri! Aidilfitri coming, holidays coming! Hypothesis accepted. Yeay! By the way, thanks to the pictures owner. I just took it from Google Images and I edited it using Microsoft Power Point (because there's no GIMP and Photoscape in my school computer lab). Nice right? I don't expect it to be so pretty. Ok, ok. I've started to brag. Lalalala..


Aug 11, 2012



Taken from : Lyssa Secret

That Brian is so kind, and crazy too. A very touching photo. Me and my fish? Blah. I'm not that kind. Oh me God, I'm so evil! Okay, okay. After seeing this photo, I'll treat my fish better. Kiki :D

Music exam finished well and I'm happy! School : Tomorrow. Homework done : 0. Damn.

Aug 9, 2012



Night is getting late but I'm still awake. Enjoying the fresh air while I am still young and alive. Eyes getting teary and tired, but my hands just can't stop typing. This is just a short intro to say a simple 'Hi'.

I don't even know what do I mean by that. Never mine. None of whoever's business here. I'm now feeling like fainting because too exhausted of learning and studying. Music exam is on the day after tomorrow and I also have Mandarin classes tomorrow! Aaahhh.. Sometimes I feel like shutting down myself just like a computer and on it when I feel like I want it. It's better than having to suffer being a studying maniac. But well, I'm supposed to be a nerd, except for me wearing spectacles. Haha.

Today I found out so many things that are so unexpected and well, unbelievable. But, I just guess humans are like that. They just tend to do something that they wanna do. I'm like that too. Hehe. But, I'm not stupid. Everything that we are going to do must be well-planned and well-thought. So that mistakes will never happen in the future, which is true. By the way, there's one girl in my class who is very annoying. She sits in front of me and makes me feel angry all the time. Not ALL the time, but ALMOST. She loves to be no. 1. That irritates me the most. She will try her best to reach the class first, example if we go to the library. Then she would hurryingly walks very fast and get in to the library first. She just wouldn't let others win! She even knocks others away if the others walks in front of me. In my case, she did. She knocked me away when I was (and am) much more higher and bigger than her. Just because she is little, then she can do anything?! Urgh.

Then, she likes to interrupt anything that we say. She also likes to secretly listen to my group's conversation which is very VERY annoying. She likes to say, "Serve you right!" or simply in BM, "Padan muka!" to us if we did something wrong or anything. She doesn't care about others feelings too. The whole class hates her, even the boys. Me, myself am trying to control myself everyday from slapping her. Her mouth is so talkative that everyone will kinda feel like, "Hey you. Shut up!".

She also likes to make the teachers think that she is so clever, which annoys me the most. I told you, she wants to be the no. 1 always. So, if everytime the teacher asks anything, she'll be the first. And she will be like so proud because she can answer the teacher's question correctly. But if we look at her from behnd the scene (I'm sitting behind her), she's actually taking the answers from reference book! She hides her books so that no one can see what she's doing. But unfortunately, my friends and I saw what she did. The only problem is, she seems to be so proud that she can provide the answers. Did she ever think that the answers are actually not hers? So why must she be proud with?

And.. so on. But she really gave me headaches every time I see her. Why ah? I don't know too. I was typing this things so that everyone, even you all could make this an example. Well, I don't want you to be like her! I just want people to understand if they do something wrong, and maybe hurting people's feelings. She knows she hurts so many people, but she seems to enjoy it very much. She doesn't want to change even if she knows that she is annoying. So, it's better if we realize it, then change it. Be a better person. Don't be an ignorant who just doesn't want to change into a better person. No one's perfect, but at least, we can try our best, right?

I really hope she can change herself, one day. For the sake of goodness. :)

Aug 7, 2012

Happy Day :D


Yeay! I've used so many hours of Internet and now I'm happy. Huh? Aah, never mine. School was kinda fun today because my friends and I were busy talking about Lee Chong Wei! Weehee! Everyone really likes him, especially me. Yeah! Haha. Just kidding. All was well and yeah, I am happy. For no reason. Maybe I don't have too much homework today? Well, I've really got lots of homework to do. But, Internet doesn't let me to do it. Oh God. Better stop typing or you're dead, Wee Soo May. I've put 1D-Forever Young but I don't know if it fits. Hmm, whatever. Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm very happy le! Amazingly superbly crazily excited! Aah, just ignore me, okay? Bye. :)

Aug 6, 2012

Malaysian True Hero :)

Okay, the badminton finale was over. But, Malaysia lose. Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan came out with 21-15, 10-21 and 19-21. The game was really good! LCW really played very good and it's just that luck didn't favour him. Pity LCW. He tried his best but unluckily, he lose. Sometimes, we might think, why God is so unfair to him, right? After all the efforts he had put in this match and the injury that he had to overcome, it's just isn't fair! But God is fair. He will be forever fair. I've read a quote saying, "If God doesn't fulfill your wish, that means He is planning to give you better things." Well, let's hope the quote really means it. LCW cried yesterday. Seeing him crying made everyone's heart sad too because he really is the best! He tried the best for Malaysians to gain a gold medal but he lose. It's better than nothing, right?

When I saw him in the news, he sounded so sad. His voice broke everytime he speaks and his eyes were red too. His face was very pale. He's done a very good job. No one can beat him, except for Lin Dan. But it was just pure luck. LCW could have done better. I'm sure Lin Dan would think that too. Both of them are so good players and the best in the world. The game was so nice and both of them had really gave the best they could in that game. LCW, fighting!

Based on NST newspapers, he hoped that the Malaysians could forgive him. LCW, of course we will! You don't even have to say sorry because you have did the best! I'm proud of you and everyone is.

"Chong Wei did everything right in the final but when it came to the crucial stages where luck, and not strategy, was required, Lin Dan had the good cards," said Seu Bock (LCW coach).

I totally agree with that statement. It's just a matter of luck. 19-20 and the last point Lin Dan got it. It's not LCW's fault! It's just that God has the power to determine our lives. So to anyone who criticizes Chong Wei, watch your mouth! Go play yourself lah!! I hate those kinds of people who kept criticizing others for their failures.

Still, congrats Lin Dan for getting the gold medal again. And congrats too for Chong Wei for getting the first medal for Malaysia. You're a true Malaysian hero and it will forever be in my heart and to others too. Keep moving on!

"Greatness is in whoever who tries to find it."

Aug 4, 2012


Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Keat, the Malaysians doubles had just lose to Cai Yun and Hai Feng from China 9-21 and 19-21. I feel so sad!But they had done a very good job, you know. I'm sure they are sad too, not only the Malaysians who watched their live performance just now. It's like.. I almost cried you know. Sort of. But, we have to give applause to them for being so brave and not giving up at the 2nd match. See? They fought with China until 19-20 but the fate has been fated, they lose : 19-21. But seriously, I'm really proud of them guys and I'm still hoping they will get a bronze medal for Malaysia. Still not sure whether who will they meet in the bronze medal match, maybe Denmark or Korea? No matter who will they meet, let's just hope the best for the Malaysian pair. Strive for EXCELLENCE! You can do this, Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Keat. Good luck, yeah, I mean it. You guys just lose to China with pride, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, love you guys! And good luck for bronze medal!! I'll always watch you guys' performances! 加油!

Not forgetting Lee Chong Wei, good luck too!Yeah, going in finals had made us so happy and if he can get a gold, wow! Just don't know how it may feel. But yeah, the match isn't starting yet so we can hope too much. I have my full confidence on him! Pray for all these badminton players and other athletes too. They're so great to be in the world championship like this. They're indeed very great. I'm never ashamed of being a Malaysian. I LOVE Malaysia!

So, back to myself. Homework done. Class finished. Just have to wait for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow for endless sufferings at school. I don't know why, I just don't like school except if there's PJ or PE class. I can play sports as much as I want. Don't have to read books and write notes. I don't know but am I getting lazy right now? Maybe but last week I improved a bit. I wasn't so tired and sleepy last week and I felt energetic! At least for a little.

Piano theory exam is just around the corner. Next Saturday. I'm scared a bit because I want high marks. I wish I can. My teacher said she would give me a treat if I get 98%. Cool, huh? I got 98% during practices before but maybe that's just pure luck? IDK. But if I really get 98%, wow! That will be super duper triple cool! I don't care about that food treat. I just want to get high marks. Yeah! And now I have to really memorize the musical instruments, the Italian terms, German terms, French terms, chords and so on. By memorizing the terms, I really think that I'm a language translator. Haha! There's so many foreign languages in music, so.. I just have to memorize it. At least, I can fill up my brain with useful things right?

Sometimes, life is just tiring. But if you enjoy it, you'll never feel tired anymore.

Yeah yeah yeah!

Oh my God!Just hours ago, I wrote a post about Lee Chong Wei going into semi-finals. Well, it's not anymore. Instead, he's going to finals! Just can't believe it! He beat Chen Long of China so easily and now he's going to fight with Lin Dan, his traditional rival. I just can't wait for the match lorh. Sunday, 8 pm, Malaysia time. Oh me God!! I do hope he can win! He's been trying so hard already and he is getting older already. Really hope that he can make it this time. Lee Chong Wei, you have all my love!Yeah! I love Lee Chong Wei, my idol! You can do this!! 我很开心啊!

All the best, Lee Chong Wei. I'll pray for you. The whole Malaysia will. And for the other athletes too. We pray for you all. Good luck!

Aug 3, 2012


Hey!  I've found cute emoticons for blog leh! But, I think it's kinda too big, aa? It's so cute lorh. So, the post will be kinda fun to read right? Yeah! 

By the way, OLYMPICS! I know.. Malaysia haven't have any medals yet but they're trying to. The athletes are getting better now. Lee Chong Wei and Tan Boon Heong-Koo Kien Keat managed to qualify themselves to the semi-finals! Yipee!I really hope they could go through it and enter the finals. I love Malaysia! Khairul Anuar also scored very well in the archery and he also managed to enter the next level (quarter finals? semi? not sure too)! And so on. There are still a lot of athletes but I'm too tired to write all of them. Teehee.

Can you see that? I drew it myself! Wah, so proud ler. I love Malaysia! Wish all the best for Malaysian athletes in London Olympics! I really, really love you guys!!! Good luck! By the way, Baskin Robins reported that they will give free ice-creams to everyone if Malaysia got gold medal! Fwaaaoooo..! That's so cool. Unluckily, there is no any BR premise in my state. Isk!