May 12, 2012

Day 11 Challenge .. :)

"Day 11 – A habit that you wish you didn’t have"

Hmm.. What habit, huh? Oh! I know, but it's kinda..? There's a habit that I wish I didn't have : Blogging. 

What? Blogging? Yeap. Why? It's because sometimes blog messed my life up. Actually I have mid-year tests but now, I'm typing! That's so ridiculous. I know, why must I post? There's no one read my post. But, I don't know why I'm still typing here. It's like a responsibility for me to post and I don't know why. 

I hate blogging. It's killing me. It has made me a internet geek. Urgh. But, blog, do you know how much I love you? That's why I can't let you go. * dramatic. Without blog, I think I would be free right now. I could sleep, eat a lot, watch the television endlessly, but I'm typing now, facing the screen. Huh. I don't know what's so special about blog. 

I wish I'm not affected by blogging but I am. It's my habit now to always check my blog. Weird. I hate the way you made me but I still love you. It's killing me! Go away, blog! Don't disturb me! Well, this is just temporary. Then, I will surely check my blog again. I'm tired of it. My exam is coming but I can't seem to forget you, bloggie. Why? Why? 

So, this is a habit that I wish I didn't have. 

May 11, 2012

Day 10 Challenge .. :)

"Day 10 – A photo of your favorite place to eat."

Of course it's at my home. But then, it is nice to eat at..

Pretty, huh? It's so romantic.. Hoho. It's so nice to eat in this situation. I can imagine looking at the stars while my mouth is chewing a large piece of BBQ chicken. Muahaha. I'm hungry, you see. 

It would be so nice to have a date there. Under the stars. So romantic! By the way, I don't have any idea what to write actually. So, the end. Hehe. :)

P.S.: My exam is coming! But I will still post in this blog. Don't worry. Wish me luck, guys! Thanks :)

May 9, 2012

Normal post :)

Hey ya! I'm back! Fuh. I've been missing this blog so much. Yeah, yeah. I don't have time, you see. My schedule is packed and there's nothing I can do about it. But, nevermine. I will still post in my blog. The minimum is : 1 post per week. Okay, that will keep you occupied, right?

I don't have much time to continue my 10th day challenge. So, I'll try to continue it tomorrow, okay? Done. By the way, I won the invention competition! Oh yes, I'm so happy. After all these hard work, it finally paid off. Thank you, Mr Brain. Thank you, Papa and Mummy and sis for giving me extra superb ideas. And, thank you, God. :)

I feel like I want to have a chess set. Well, my chess set is very small and so old and it's a magnetic chess set. It's so small that when you try to arrange the pieces on the board, one of them will go missing. It's too small, you see. Huh. There's somehow a new switch in my heart. It tells me to play chess. I don't know why. I regretted the decision I've made to not represent the school for chess competition. Silly me! Oh, nevermine.. I still have next year, right? Yeah. Chess 2013, I'm coming! :D

I think that's enough for today. I'll continue tomorrow. Have a brilliant day. :)

By the way, is this real? Please look at the photo below. 

Is this true? Well, I don't know. Hoho. If they're true, then it's good. If they're just some fake messages, the nevermine. At least they cheered me up a bit. Thanks :)

May 7, 2012

Day 9 Challenge .. :)

"Day 9 – A picture of you and your friends."

Oh yeah, photos. Before you guys read this post further, please be prepared for my ugliness in all those photos. Haha. Peace out. :)

This is me and my fellow classmates but my best friends weren't in this photo. Sad. But nevermine, they'll always in my heart, right? Can you see me? The cute little girl at the top. Hoho. I love this photo. I don't even know why. I think it's because everyone looks so pretty, including me. * vomits.  

This is one of the most special photos I have. This is me with my CSI friends during last 2011 PERMATApintar camp. All of them are very special. I love this very much! Everyone looked very happy and so do I. I wish I could go to that camp again this year and meet them all. Yeah! Here I come, friends!

Well, the girl beside me is the best friend I've ever have : my sister. We share secrets together, have fun together, travel together, enjoy holiday together, laugh together, cry together and so on. By the way, do you realize I've been doing the 'peace' sign in all these three photos? Weird. Haha. I guess it's my favourite gesture. Hoho.

Without friends, who are us? So, appreciate friends because without them, we'll have no one. With that, I thank you. < Is this a speech or what? :P 

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May 6, 2012

Day 8 Challenge .. :)

"Day 8 – A song to match your mood."

What song? Well, I think the song that suit me for today is :

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Because I think I need some motivation to keep me ahead for this week. This song is quite nice and kinda give me more confidence. Don't you think so? I'm now having a lot of problems. Headache. Backache. Eyeache. < Is there such a word? Haha. I told you before that I'm entering an invention competition held by my Science teacher. I have the idea, but then it is very hard to find the 'ingredients' for my little invention. 

I almost gonna give up when everybody is laughing at my idea. They don't know who am I. I'm not the stupid fool, mad moron that everyone thinks! I hate people thinking that I'm doing something illogical. I'm not stupid, okay. I know how to think logically. I know I must not let all those annoying laughter break my spirit. I want to jump high! 

I might be a loser but wait and see. I know I can show to those fellows that laughed at me that I can do it. Wee Soo May can do it! Yeah! I'm the best! I will be the next Albert Einstein! Will I? Uh, don't even care about it. * sorta trying to give motivation to myself. Hoho. 

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