Jun 28, 2012


1D? What 1D? One Direction!! Ok, what? When did I gone crazy into 1D? So unexpected. This is all because this GIRL's fault. She infected me with this 1D disease. She has just gone crazy with all those 1D things and now, I'm a Directioner too. Well, Directioner is a name for 1D's fan. I like What Makes You Beautiful song but I never like the band THAT much. I also heard the One Thing song but I never love that band SO much. Now? I will kinda scream, "One Direction!!!!!!! You guys are so cute!!!!" o.O

Let me introduce the members. There are 5 cute boys in this groups : Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. Oh, Niall! I love him and oh! Louis too!! Okay, now I'm going crazy. They're so hot, man. *hot, hot. You don't believe me? I'll show you their photos. I'm sure they'll burn you to ashes 'cause they are so damn hot. Haha, joking okay.




Still don't believe they are deadly handsome?! Okay, watch THIS video. Oh, you're gonna be a roasted human due to its wild hotness. Wait, what the heck am I talking about? I'm going dizzy. Oh, hot. Hot. Hot. They're so damn hot. I, Wee Soo May declared myself crazy. Wait, wait! What am I talking about? Why am I repeating the same thing?! I've lost my saneness. Oh, 1D. You're my love. WTH?! :P



This is what happens when I don't have any idea to post about. *berk! 

Jun 26, 2012

Time flies..

Hey, hey, hey! Wee Soo May is here. Tired and sleepy. Hey, I had two rough days, you know that? Oh, for those who read my blog, of course they knew. Who doesn't, it's my school Annual Sports Day. Yes, yes, yes.. Sports Day. Perhaps the most amazing and the worst school event. Well, it was not really bad after all. It's just that.. it's tiring! But at last, my sufferings were over. No more choral speaking, no more marching, no more sports practices and no need to stayback anymore. Oh yeah. I'm a free man, baby!

Okay, I got 2 medals out of 3 races I took part in. I was supposed to enter 2 races only but the teacher asked me to replace someone for 400m. 4OO METRES? I was like, "What?!". But I just nodded reluctantly. As I guessed earlier, I didn't get top 3 in 400m. I'm weak in long distance race. But that doesn't matter, I got no 4. Okay, 4 is good already. *wink, wink.

Then, I enter 200m. Kinda lucky this time but not that lucky. I got no 3, quite okay right? At least I got a bronze medal. Woohoo! By the way, all my other competitors are all school athletes. So, I'm actually very lucky to beat them. Oh yeah. The end of the first day.

The second day, I took part in 4x400m. I was really nervous because it was the last event of this sports day. But I just have to do the best, right? For the sake of my sports team, PERKASA. PERKASA means MIGHTY. *wink, wink. The Mighty Perkasa. I was the 2nd runner. I ran as fast as I could and when I passed the baton to the 3rd runner, my leg cramped. Wow, it felt so damn cool man. I screamed and screamed and screamed like hell. 

Luckily I healed and the result is, my group got no 2. Overall, I got one bronze medal and one silver medal. No golds. Oh, never mine. I'll try harder next year. And guess what. Tomorrow is holiday!! Well, the proud and great students of Bachok High School forced the principal to let us rest tomorrow. The whole crowd screamed, "Cuti! Cuti! Cuti! Cuti!". Reluctantly, our dear principal had to listen to us. HAHA. Pity her but we really wanted a holiday! Then everyone went, "Hooray! It's holiday!". 

My sports team got no 3 over 4 teams. Okay lah.. At least we didn't get the last place, right? Heep, heep, hooray! 

Perkasa, man!

The scenery during Sports Day.