Jul 6, 2012

Admin's sick.. :(

Oh my God.. I'm suffering. I feeling terrible. I'm SICK! Get away from me! Or not you'll face the same fate with me. Hey, hey. Don't go. I'm just kidding. Oh man, I really feel like dying, you know. Luckily, I feel better now. I'm now alone in my house, watching Kitchen Musical. I'm facing the laptop now, actually. Hoho.

At least I think my flu is getting better. By the way, how's my new blog looks like?? Pretty? Terrible? Why am I keep using 'terrible' now? * please, ignore that. I did the header with the help of PhotoScape and GIMP 2. I got that 1D cartoon from Google Image, so I don't draw it, okay. I do not own it. But, copyrights are reserved for the background! I did it myself to match the current header. Ok, I like white and light colours. Yeay! I also changed the .. welcome photo? I also don't know what is it called. See that? That cute little Pusheen cat. I also got that from Google Image and I edited it with PhotoScape and GIMP 2 too. I love editing. Perhaps, I should take it as a hobby. Oh, rite. I'm sick and now facing the laptop? Whatever. I love laptops and technologies. Teehee. Better write faster, or not when Mummy comes back.. I'm doomed! 

So, like my new change? Hope you guys like it. Cause I really had worked hard on it. By the way, do anyone knows any home remedies for flu? I need it. * sigh. When will I recover? That remains a question. Sob, sob. FYI, my Korean oppas (oppa means brother) had released their new album! Hooray! Sexy, Free and Single by Super Junior. Woohoo. The video is nice with its so amazing choreography. You may say it's not nice at the beginning but you'll like it more when you watch it many times! * I'm experiencing that, NOW. Hehe. Super Junior and One Direction. My beloved groups!! Yeayyyyyyyy! * excited face. 

Jul 4, 2012

Sad Moments..

I now finally feel like living in a roller coaster. I always thought that my roller coaster is always smooth and have no obstacles at all. Yah, now I was wrong. Totally wrong. My life is still a normal roller coaster which has ups and downs. Silly me, I thought I will be lucky all the time. But, it's not. I still have to cry. I still have to be disappointed. I still have to be weak. I still have to be sad. I still have to bear all the unhappy moments.

So many unexpected truths that I need to take. So many sufferings that I have to endure lately. I know I'm weak. I know I'm an weak girl. I'm still a small kid am I? I thought everything in my life would be fine all the time. But I was wrong. Maybe I have had so much happiness in my life that I need to have all these sufferings now. I'm too weak to handle this. But, what can I do? I just have to be brave.

There's no one else who can understand. It's just me. I have to be the superwoman. No one can save me but only me can save myself. Yeah, I can't be this weak. I need to be tougher. I need to gain all my power again. I need to pray. I know maybe now God is giving me a test. I need to pass the test. Yeah, no more WEAK MAY. Just have to move on. Right! Nothing can stop me. I hope so. :)

Just have to relax and take a deep breath and enjoy ONE DIRECTION songs! Huh? o.O