Aug 4, 2012


Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Keat, the Malaysians doubles had just lose to Cai Yun and Hai Feng from China 9-21 and 19-21. I feel so sad!But they had done a very good job, you know. I'm sure they are sad too, not only the Malaysians who watched their live performance just now. It's like.. I almost cried you know. Sort of. But, we have to give applause to them for being so brave and not giving up at the 2nd match. See? They fought with China until 19-20 but the fate has been fated, they lose : 19-21. But seriously, I'm really proud of them guys and I'm still hoping they will get a bronze medal for Malaysia. Still not sure whether who will they meet in the bronze medal match, maybe Denmark or Korea? No matter who will they meet, let's just hope the best for the Malaysian pair. Strive for EXCELLENCE! You can do this, Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Keat. Good luck, yeah, I mean it. You guys just lose to China with pride, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, love you guys! And good luck for bronze medal!! I'll always watch you guys' performances! 加油!

Not forgetting Lee Chong Wei, good luck too!Yeah, going in finals had made us so happy and if he can get a gold, wow! Just don't know how it may feel. But yeah, the match isn't starting yet so we can hope too much. I have my full confidence on him! Pray for all these badminton players and other athletes too. They're so great to be in the world championship like this. They're indeed very great. I'm never ashamed of being a Malaysian. I LOVE Malaysia!

So, back to myself. Homework done. Class finished. Just have to wait for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow for endless sufferings at school. I don't know why, I just don't like school except if there's PJ or PE class. I can play sports as much as I want. Don't have to read books and write notes. I don't know but am I getting lazy right now? Maybe but last week I improved a bit. I wasn't so tired and sleepy last week and I felt energetic! At least for a little.

Piano theory exam is just around the corner. Next Saturday. I'm scared a bit because I want high marks. I wish I can. My teacher said she would give me a treat if I get 98%. Cool, huh? I got 98% during practices before but maybe that's just pure luck? IDK. But if I really get 98%, wow! That will be super duper triple cool! I don't care about that food treat. I just want to get high marks. Yeah! And now I have to really memorize the musical instruments, the Italian terms, German terms, French terms, chords and so on. By memorizing the terms, I really think that I'm a language translator. Haha! There's so many foreign languages in music, so.. I just have to memorize it. At least, I can fill up my brain with useful things right?

Sometimes, life is just tiring. But if you enjoy it, you'll never feel tired anymore.

Yeah yeah yeah!

Oh my God!Just hours ago, I wrote a post about Lee Chong Wei going into semi-finals. Well, it's not anymore. Instead, he's going to finals! Just can't believe it! He beat Chen Long of China so easily and now he's going to fight with Lin Dan, his traditional rival. I just can't wait for the match lorh. Sunday, 8 pm, Malaysia time. Oh me God!! I do hope he can win! He's been trying so hard already and he is getting older already. Really hope that he can make it this time. Lee Chong Wei, you have all my love!Yeah! I love Lee Chong Wei, my idol! You can do this!! 我很开心啊!

All the best, Lee Chong Wei. I'll pray for you. The whole Malaysia will. And for the other athletes too. We pray for you all. Good luck!

Aug 3, 2012


Hey!  I've found cute emoticons for blog leh! But, I think it's kinda too big, aa? It's so cute lorh. So, the post will be kinda fun to read right? Yeah! 

By the way, OLYMPICS! I know.. Malaysia haven't have any medals yet but they're trying to. The athletes are getting better now. Lee Chong Wei and Tan Boon Heong-Koo Kien Keat managed to qualify themselves to the semi-finals! Yipee!I really hope they could go through it and enter the finals. I love Malaysia! Khairul Anuar also scored very well in the archery and he also managed to enter the next level (quarter finals? semi? not sure too)! And so on. There are still a lot of athletes but I'm too tired to write all of them. Teehee.

Can you see that? I drew it myself! Wah, so proud ler. I love Malaysia! Wish all the best for Malaysian athletes in London Olympics! I really, really love you guys!!! Good luck! By the way, Baskin Robins reported that they will give free ice-creams to everyone if Malaysia got gold medal! Fwaaaoooo..! That's so cool. Unluckily, there is no any BR premise in my state. Isk!