Sep 3, 2012

Oh badminton oh.

Er. Everything's not going well today. Yeah, me too. Badminton? I failed. Well, for this year. My coach said he would take the school players that have more experience first. He said he'll send us for any tournament next year. Pity me. And also a few of my friends. Well, we can't blame the teacher too 'cause we just started training for 3 days and the tournament is on this weekend! And it's like too fast like that. So, we just have to agree with him. *sigh.

The main point is, I'm so disappointed lah because I used quite a lot of money and energy and time for this practices. And there will be no more practices after this. Just for that 3 days. 3 days? Yeah, a short time right? My coach said he will do training after this tournament but, will he? There's no more other tournament for this year and usually teachers are lazy. So, I think these 3 days will be the only days. Huh. But I really hope the coach is willing to do training although there will be no more tournament this year. Please, please! I don't want to play for only 3 days!

I learnt so many things from this 3 days of training, which is good. I think my techniques are better and I'm glad. It's just that I'm a bit disappointed for not being chosen and also for the short time of training. But I think it's fair. Well, why? 'Cause I think I've got so many good things in my life this year and the past few years. So, my life wouldn't be always so happy right? I just have to face some disappointment. It's okay. Then my life will be stable. So, there's nothing really bad about this failure. It's just that .. it's a failure. Haha, never mine. Think positive!

The coach said that he'll choose me next year. So, I just have to wait ah. I'll just play and gain more experience. Yeah, I want to be like Lee Chong Wei too! (Silly me.)