Dec 31, 2012

Cryptology 2012

Amir- Who cries with me everytime I cried. :')
Tina- My 2010 mate. :)
Aniq Halim- The one always fill the class with laughters. :D
Hanis- Cheerful lady! ^^
KA- The anonymous guy. Heheh :3
Christie- The girl with a very nice voice!
Talha- My Explorace groupmate!
Shamila- A very shy girl but always has a smile on her face. :)
Lee- My best Chinese male friend aka 飞机头 :D
Nureen- My cute ex-CSI friend!
Syahir- The boy that has gone crazy over chemistry. ;)
Najeeha- Which has a nickname : Nayeeha :D
Daus- The 'hunter'..
Nisa'- The debator! ^^
Ernesto- My special Mexican friend. *winkwink* ;)
Fasehah- The pink lover.
Khalid- The boy that has gone slim and tall over a year. Haha :D
Miza-The Malay girl who can speak in Mandarin :)
Syakir- Crypto leader! Weee :D
Ezzah- The tiny one. :)
Kamini- Who listens to radio all the time.. ;)
Atif- Our Crypto commander!
Marsya- Loudest girl voice I heard in Crypto :D
Kholaf- The 'pure' one. :)
Mai- My 2011 roommate!
Fazreel- Looks quiet but actually a naughty person. :D
Fiqah- The Iron Lady.
Yusuf- The tall man of Crypto. :)
Razman- Who has a super freaking hairstyle!
Mira- A very quiet girl, or perhaps she is actually talkative? ^^
Aniq Najmi- The one that always snaps photos. :D
Sharifah- Mai's 2012 roommate!
Dalila- The one who always sticks with Iman and often laughs. :)
Iman- The cute girl who wears braces. *sweet*
Athirah- The one who can't believe that Lee's hairstyle changed. xP
S. Khadijah- Mama of Crypto 2. :D
Fihanie- #capitalA# ^^
Izzat- The one that always pose with folded hands :D

These are the 38 people that I will never forget forever in my life, or perhaps I will forget some but don't worry, I will still keep the memories of us together. You guys are among the best coursemates that I've ever known. Please, believe me. I seriously mean it. You guys are the best. I still remember the first day when everyone of us looked at each other, weirdly. As day passes by, we laughed together, cried together, ate together, sang together, went to class together and did cheers together which I will remember every word of it. :) Cryptology, either class 1 or 2, I miss you guys so much! Muahhhhh

Of course there's my instructor, Teacher Anis and my TA, Teacher Farah. And Cryptology 2's instructor, Teacher Sue and TA, Teacher Farhana. Maybe I don't really know about Crypto 2's teachers, but I can guarantee that they look nice. And don't forget my dear instructor please, who always listens to our daily stories, who is a hardcore Big Bang fan, who teaches us different ciphers every day, who can still patiently teaches us even sometimes the topic is hard and who, for me, is the best listener ever. Thank you Teacher Anis, for guiding me in this 3 weeks time. And for my sweet TA, who always take us to class everyday, who always send us back when the class is finished, who patiently handles us even though we are stubborn, who teaches Modular Arithmetic, who stays with us since day 1 until the last day, everytime, and the first one who noticed that I was crying. Thank you Teacher Farah, for taking care of us so much. Really, I appreciate what both of you have done. I know a word 'thank you' is not enough for your kindness, so just let this post tell both of you how much I remember them in my mind. Thank you again, teachers.

There's two more people that I want to say here. My two lovely RAs, Abang Ku and Kak Ash. Abang Ku, thank you for taking care of me in this 3 weeks. Maybe the most touching moment I have with you is when you tell us the stories about your family back in Kelantan, it's really sad and everyone of us was listening attentively. Sometimes, I can see how hardworking you are to make everything happens nicely, such as the preparation for Sports Day, talentime and also for Kak Ash's 25th birthday. *wink wink* ;) And you're always the one who is patient and never scold us during the 3 weeks' time. And yeah, Kak Ash. You're really pretty and I admire you hair. Heee. I can still remember the time when you asked me if the Explorace is nice. I knew that Teacher Anis must have told you something and I'm glad to tell you that I'm still alive! I will never think something stupid, from that day on. And for me, the most touching moment with you is the last day of the camp, when we hugged each other. Really, that time I was like crying again but I already promised myself not to cry anymore, enough for crying so much. Dear both of my RA, I'm glad that I'm in Cryptology course and I have both of you as my RA. And I'm very sorry if I did any mistake. What matters most, thank you so much. And I wish both of you will be happy and forever healthy.

Wait, what happens to my roommate? Okay, my dear roommate, Ho Wei Wen Vivien. I love to say your name, even though I already said it for the 100th time. I may be a bit emotional in this post but this is seriously what I felt. We were roommates in 2010 and yet we're roommates again this year. Yah, even though you're in Flight Science course, but that never managed to keep us apart. I believe that we always stick together. I remember during 2010, how much I hate you because you're so slow like a tortoise. I'm always late because of you, which made me furious. But this year, that's not a problem anymore. I don't care how slow you are, I will still wait for you. Which makes our counsellors furious. We often chatted until late at night and we always sing, sing and sing (对面的女孩看过来) and dance too. Gangnam Style. I never knew how close we are compared to the last years. You accompanied me to the temple, be my Mandarin teacher, be my protector when I had fever, and be my best friend. Both of us are afraid of ghost, which something that we have in common and everytime we walked at the dark places, we always said, "Namo Amitabha" repeatedly. Which still makes me laugh even now. Thanks, for the nice memories. I hope that you will never be disturbed by 'that thing' anymore and keep healthy, roommate. :)

Vivien, Lee, Ryan, Jusey, Christie, Ara, Ernesto, Kamini. My moral gang. Seriously, being with you guys are the time that I always waited for. We often do everything together. Everytime it's moral time, we will definitely sit in one table. You guys made me laugh and made me realized that it was the best moral classes that I've ever had. I won't forget you guys forever for you guys brightens up my day and even, night. We came from different courses, Cryptology, Flight Science and Probability of Game Theory, but we never even noticed that difference. We are born in 1998, that bonds us together. And together we will strive for success. I will always pray for you guys, and thanks for being my best mates. :)

It's 31st Dec 2012, which marked the end of this year. How I gonna miss 2012. This year's camp really teaches me friendship. It's not just the ciphers, the codes that I break. It's the love that I had in this camp. It's different than the previous years. I had so many people that I knew there. I finally noticed that how nice the juniors treated me, they gave me chocolates, drinks, keychain and etc. And how nice the seniors treated me. I finally realized that all this good memories is from love, friendship. Maybe it's because I'm fourteen, I'm old enough to understand what love means. Which makes me appreciate people around me. To end this year and also to end this post, I promise I will never, ever forget this camp and of course, all of you that has given love to me. I wish all of you will be loved, 'cause that is the most important. PPCS'12, always in my mind. Thank you so much.



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