Oct 13, 2013

PCS: Timeline

It's weekday and I'm not going to school! Damn awesome right. I wonder what will the principal think but who cares? Even my class teacher told us to not go to school. School is now so boring with no studies. It's post-PMR! I should appreciate this freedom until the very end.

So.. the thing that I want to talk this time is about the camp that I enter almost every year-end since 2010, PERMATApintar School Holidays Camp. I call it PCS to make it shorter. So the objective of this camp is kinda like searching for gifted children all over the country. The children have to pass two respective IQ tests, UKM1 and UKM2 before they are selected to participate in this camp. I'm not trying to brag here, okay. The camp usually lasts for three weeks and is held at the National University of Malaysia.

I'm writing about this because I feel so grateful with what I had in the camp for three years (and will be four years). Really, the stuffs that you learn there can't be found in your school. For the first year in 2010, I got Writing and Imagination. I wrote poems, short story and learnt to express ourselves in literature. Kinda mind-challenging. I'm not that creative! That time I was 12 years old, still a very young age. So I can't really remember what the things I do but seriously, I had no feelings at that time. I don't know any seniors or juniors. I'm just in my imaginative world. So, can't really write a lot on 2010.

As I enter secondary school, my emotions are better now. And for the second year, I got Crime Scene Investigation. Cool, right? I never thought there will be a course like that. That year, I got more friends and learnt more things. Well, I'm a teenager already! There were only 30+ thirteen years old participants, so we grew very close among our batch. In that year too, I get to be friend with an international friend, Lina from Brunei. She's a Brunei-Japan girl. That's my first international friend. She's in the same class with me, so we were pretty close. In CSI, I learnt how the police solves cases and some anatomy stuffs. This year was the most challenging year, where we were forced to solve a mock robbery. We were told that the robbery was real at first!

Toxicology during CSI
Toxicology during CSI

CSI year
CSI year

2012. I'm 14. More matured than those two years. And I got Cryptology. I was like, "Cryptology? What the heck is that?" Cryptology is the study of codes. Something secret. So I was thinking that I might be cracking codes for the rest of my school holidays. And yes it was. The first day I was kinda down because my CSI gang was separated into three different courses; Cryptology, Flight Science, Games and Probability. And there were so many new kids coming on! From 30+ of thirteen years old participants last year, it turned to be around 80+ of fourteen years old ones. So I kinda had to get used of the sudden addition of participants and it turned out well. I also get to know another international friend, Ernesto from Mexico! Chatting with him was fun! More people more experiences, see?

Reunion of CSI during 2012
Reunion of CSI during 2012

Cryptology year
Cryptology year

Crypto 1
Crypto 1

Cryptology was very mind-wrecking course. Well, we were fourteen, of course we need harder course right? So this course was all about numbers, alphabets and probability. I repeat, NUMBERS, ALPHABETS and PROBABILITY. It was hard but once you understand the concepts, hmm it's just as easy as ABC. I had to give 'The Most Emotional Year' to 2012. I cried the most during this year. Stress bottled up, you see. Being fourteen years old was great. I had lots of kind juniors and seniors. Friendship really grew closer that year. 2012 was truly awesome.

Crypto instructor and I
Crypto instructor and I

This year! *drum roll* I got Advanced Physics! And will attend the camp on 24th Nov till 14th Dec! I'm so super super excited but again, my Crypto gang will be separated into so many different courses again. This is sad. Physics is a mix of science and mathematics, I know. And somehow it sounds so.. mathematics. It's not that I don't like mathematics. I'm just lazy when it comes to grabbing a calculator and calculate numbers. But what I know is, I should be grateful enough to enter this camp. Yes. For four years. And this year is my last year. One can only attend this camp until he's 15 years old. I am fifteen! I feel so old suddenly.

This year, I'll be a good senior. More matured teen. And be a friendly friend. Hopefully, Physics will be nice to me. *wink 

Oct 10, 2013

PMR 2013

What's up everyone! Ohh it's been a long time isn't it? I feel extra free right now and will be for the next two months. I just finished my major exam, PMR! And I won't have to study anymore for the rest of the year. Oh yeah oh yeah. So, I'm writing today just to point out my views on PMR and how I feel after PMR is finished.

I can still remember the day when we did Majlis Restu Ilmu on Monday. Every Form Three student and teacher gathered. We hugged and cried. Well, one of my friends started to cry first and it somehow affected me too. I ended up crying and been booed by the boys. Damn right..

Then my class did a small gathering. We sat in a large circle, touching each other's knees so that the circle wouldn't break. Raisya, read prayers and everyone started to cry again. As usual we had a small speech session and I was the first to talk. Couldn't control myself from crying but yeah, I cried again. My speech was so short because words did not seem to come out from my mouth. I felt so frustrated 'cause I wanted to talk so many things more. But well yeah urgh

Waking up on 2nd of October, I curled up in a ball on my bed. I was like, "Oh my God Wee Soo May, today is PMR, do you know?" Mommy prepared a special breakfast and I was so touched.  Then Papa and Mommy hugged me and gave me 'ang-pows' as a symbol of good luck.

Went through the papers for four days. The papers are quite well, not that easy and not that difficult. Except for KHB, I was like, "Oh my God, why this paper is so hard man". Everyone else was shouting and screaming and hugging on the fourth day but my class ain't. It's their last day. But not us. We had another paper 'cause we took extra subject.

The last day, everyone's hands were wet and cold. We were scared! We were afraid if the paper would be damn hard. But thank God, the paper was quite easy and we managed to answer them calmly. The last ten minutes, when the invigilator told us, "MASA TINGGAL SEPULUH MINIT, CALON TIDAK DIBENARKAN KELUAR DARI DEWAN", I was grinning up to my ears and kept hitting my wrists on the table.

When our exam was done, we were like jumping and yelling like some crazy kids. Haha. Took lots of photos and had so much fun. I feel so different. I feel so free. And at the same time, I feel so bored and useless. :P

"Three years. We know each other. Ten months. We struggled together. Five days. We fought together. And we are all fifteen. For me, to face a major exam does take patience and courage. I am glad to tell that we have them all in our hearts. 

People might say, "What's the big deal?" but why must we care about what they think? That's them. This is us."

Sep 19, 2013

Mooncake Festival.

大家好!中秋节到了!乐乐乐呀~ 你们吃月饼了吗?我还没吃。。等到爸爸和妈妈回家,我才会跟他们一起吃。爸爸和妈妈现在不在家里,他们出去。我在家里读书。因为。。考试很快就要到了!我有一点怕,有一点担心。还有十二天到考试!



Sep 5, 2013


Siti (my friend) and me have dreamt something impossible but yet possible today. We were walking to class after buying some drinks while talking about boarding schools. Well, we are Form 3 students. So, we might be going to boarding schools or just stay.

I was saying, "Hey, I always imagine that when I will be a billionaire in the future, I'm gonna build a school."

Siti, "What?! Hey, that's kinda awesome!"

Me: "Let's build the school together! When we are both billionaires, let's contact each other."

Siti: "No problem! Through Twitter!"

Me: "Yeahh let's build a private school which has..."

Both of us: "COOL UNIFORMS!" We were giggling like lunatics.

Me: "Air-conds and pretty classes!"

Siti: "And a big open hall.."

Me: "A school with an English castle structure would be great. I mean, the view would be nice.."

Siti: "Oh my God that would be wonderful! But still, cool uniforms would be our main priority!"

Me: "Wait. All girls or all boys or co-ed school?"

Siti: "Co-ed of course. We're gonna design great uniforms for our students! Let them have coats, ties, plenty types of uniforms to change.."

Me: "Our 2013 dream!"

Siti: "Let's beat all those elite boarding schools and be the top one. Oh how nice would this be!"

Me: "Yeah this is so gonna be so so so so great!"

*this conversation is not very accurate but this somehow tells you how the conversation looks like. Especially how both of us screamed agreed on having cool uniforms.

Wouldn't it be great to, I mean, build our own school? Set our own rules. The uniforms. The school badge. Both of us were like crazy when we talked about this. And kept this secret between the both of us. But if you're reading this, then it's not a secret anymore. Haha. We both think if others know about this, they would laugh. Laugh like, ha-ha-ha.

I can imagine every assembly, both of us will be talking as Headmistresses at the same time, using two mics. I'll say one sentence and she'll continue the next one. Or we'll just say things in front of the students. This is funny. Very funny.

And now I'm thinking all sorts designs of school uniforms. Omg. 

Aug 30, 2013

Wait. Receive.

Today is about talking how waiting and receiving make me looking forward to face every brand new day. I will always wait for new things to happen, so every morning when I wake up, I would pray for something great to happen. And I would always hope that I'll receive something. Something wonderful. I would always make myself eager with this question lingering in my mind, "What's today's surprise?"

Since the early of the year, I have been waiting and receiving. I wait. I receive. And this leads to hope. I hope. But sometimes, life isn't that beautiful. What I always waited for, I didn't receive. Leaving me sadness and disappointment. I always try to not set too high expectations. They will just break my heart if I fail. If I succeed, they will flutter my heart and let me feel like I'm on cloud nine. 

This Sunday, I just answered UKM2. An intelligence test. If I pass this test, I will be offered to go to its holiday camp in this year-end. I have been to the camp for 3 times and I certainly wouldn't want to miss it this time as I'm now 15 years old. One can enter this camp until he's 15 years old. This would be my last shot. I would be waiting for its results then. And I will receive it. I'm praying. Pray. 

Yesterday, I checked the Commonwealth Essay Competition 2013 results. There are Top Winner, Runner-Up, Gold Awards, Silver Awards and Bronze Awards. And I got a bronze. 

I cried. I'm happy. This feeling of euphoria filled my body and mind. "I'm awarded for my work!" was what I thought. I always love to write stories and poems. It's always a dream to be a writer as a part-time job. I waited this for many months and received a recognition yesterday. I would never feel this happy for getting an award for my art work. Thank you God. Thank you to everyone who has been protecting me all this while. Thank you very much. 

I appreciate what I received. And I will continue to wait. And I'll pray. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

I would close my eyes for a moment and ask  

Aug 17, 2013

Pizza: Recipe & photos

Rise and shine! I'm in a superbly good mood today, so no one is gonna spoil it. But the sad thing is, I'm gonna start school again tomorrow! Omo! I don't want! T.T Holidays are going to be over now. Phew, how much I will miss you Mr Holiday. We won't be meeting again until two months later! Oh gosh gosh gosh. And I have an major exam to sit during October. It's now mid-August. Oh. my. God. 1 and a half months to go. This. is. crazy.

No time to say, "Chillax guys"
No time to wake up at 2 am and watch YouTube videos
No time to bake frequently
No time to just listen to songs and idle along
I just have no time.

Kay, before my school mode is on, let me fill up these few hours before school reopens with baking. Good idea? Jjang! (Korean word for 'great!') I'm not Korean. I'm Chinese. Wait, what does that have to do with this? Gahh, never mine I'll just continue with my pizza story.

So.. yesterday I did pizzas and the last piece was my breakfast today. Sob sob. So long pizza, we'll meet again. This is my second try and it was far much better than the first try. Well, maybe it's because I used different dough recipe, home made pizza sauce and more expensive cheese. Yeah, that should be the reasons. Now, go to the topic!

This pizza dough or pizza base is the ideal one for me. Very soft. White. Irresistible. 

300gm of flour (superfine flour will do much greater results)
190ml of warm water
1tsp of dry yeast
Pinches of sugar
30ml of oil
1/2tsp of salt

1. Mix yeast and the sugar with the warm water. Stir it slightly and let it aside for about 3-5 minutes.
2. Place the flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Make a hole inside it and pour the yeast mixture and also the oil. Then, start mixing the mixture until it becomes a dough! (If you have a machine, better use it with the dough hook. This trick requires no effort at all.)
3. Grease a big bowl using oil and transfer the dough in it. Brush the top of the dough with oil. (Since the bottom layer is covered with oil already.)
4. Cover with plastic wrap and let it aside for about one hour. It will double (or triple) its size.

Now that is just the pizza dough. Here is the pizza sauce recipe.

Tomato puree
Black pepper (grounded or powder type)

I didn't put any measurement because this is subjective type of food! You can put hundreds of onions or thousands of oregano leaves, I don't mind. But just think logic, okay. I had a tin of tomato puree. So I chopped an onion and a few cloves of garlic. I stewed them and added minced meat. This is optional, though. You can choose to not put it. Then, I pour the tomato puree in and let it boil for a little while. I add salt, some oregano and black pepper. When it is done, I just let it cool before transferring it into a small glass bottle (for future use too). 

First photo: The ingredients; cheese, dough, mushrooms, sauce, sausages and oregano
Second photo: Dough-spreading making
Third photo: Before in the oven
Fourth photo: After and fu-la-la! 

So, you got the directions right? It's very simple and yet satisfying. Yum yummy. Papa, Mummy and I couldn't stop eating and that pizza resulted as our dinner. I think I did a great job. We no longer have to buy pizzas from shop 'cause now I can make my home made pizza! Which I do think that there's no differences between home-made and bought-from-shop pizzas.

Gotta start doing my home work though! I've got seven essays to be copied! OMG! 救命啊! But, I even thought of doing steamed moist chocolate cake this evening. *saliva keeps dropping 

Watch out for more recipes! And.. have a good Saturday!

Aug 16, 2013

New look

My blog changed itself again. Always. As ever. Well, I need something fresh to keep my blog likeable, right? This capture below is the old look. Plain. White. Transparent. Boring.

Old look. Plain. White. Transparent. Boring.
This is before. Plain. White. Transparent. Boring.

By the way, I just did two pans of pizza today! It's delicious and awesome. *bragging You just have to try it no matter what! The dough is just right; than my first try. And this time I did my own pizza sauce! Gotta post about the recipe tomorrow, I guess. I'm just too tired. Gonna sleep now. Good night! God bless.

Aug 12, 2013


My plan to renovate this blog failed as I don't have enough privacy. Privacy? Ehem. Hihi. I wanted to do something different. Than what I usually do. Just wait until tomorrow.. perhaps. Wink wink. 

By the way, I'm so bored. But at least I did something useful. I studied in the morning and surfed the Internet till now. Great. You see, you have to do something useful then you can finally relax with no worries. This is a good holiday plan. Ha-ha. *munching homemade choco chip cookies

And I finally found out how to type Chinese in my computer! So so so happy. Testing... 真高兴啊!Yeah, this is exactly how I feel. I bet Papa's going to be happy. Well, he must be glad that his daughter is trying to make an effort to learn Mandarin! Since I'm a Chinese, I need to learn it somehow. It's just that mine isn't very good because I'm enrolled in national education. Which uses English and Bahasa Melayu. No Chinese. 

I've been listening to these few Chinese songs too like, Baby Don't Cry and 3.6.5 by EXO-M. Their music is great. There are also Korean versions by EXO-K. Anyways, EXO is just so awesome. 

A few lines from Baby Don't Cry: 

Baby don't cry tonight
Baby don't cry tonight
So baby don't cry cry

Things went quite well except that my head suddenly ache again. What the heck? Grr. Please pray for me. 

P/S: Can't wait for the grand renovation plan! 

Aug 11, 2013


Phew. It is holidays currently. My elder sister was here for about one week before she finally flew off to KL back just now. I feel so tired. And sick too. I had fever and serious headache for four days. Never felt this painful before. But it's now gone. Thanks to my next-door doctor. My throat is now feeling itchy. Guess it's because of Moms virus infecting me. Haha.

So there's another week for me to enjoy my holidays before another term starts. However I still have extra classes for three days. Great. Grr. Gonna use all this time left to do things that I love. Which are; listening to music, watching movies, downloading videos, surfing Internet and daydreaming. Life never seems so good.

Talking about recovery, I decided to change my blog's look. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah. Tonight is kinda too late. I need to sleep. Hopefully it's gonna be great. Well I just need something fresh to encourage me to keep writing, right? A kiss before going to sleep, muah. Nite then. :)

Jul 10, 2013

The Sacred Conversation~

During my moral class this morning..

Teacher: Oh my.. I'm so sleepy *yawning*.. I've been awake since 4 am, cooking for my kids! 

My teacher is a Muslim, and this month is Ramadhan, which is the month when Muslims fast from dusk to twilight. They have to wake up early to eat before starting their fast. I just nodded and laughed a bit.

Teacher: My kids just wake up when they are told to, unlike me! Sigh, they are so lucky. I wish I can be a kid again, but it's impossible. May, this is how it is to be a wife! Next time when you're married, you'll have to endure this.

Me: Then teacher, don't marry! Simple as that!

My teacher laughed.

Teacher: Well, in life we should have a mate who can accompany us. Or not, life isn't fun!

Me: Then, I'll just date anyone and have lots of boyfriends! But I don't have to marry. *laughs*

Teacher: *opens her eyes wide* What? Wow, so you're going to have lots of boyfriends? Are you speaking the truth? *laughs again*

Me: Why not, teacher? It will be much simpler than having to marry someone!

Teacher: I don't believe you. Perhaps you are holding hands with your husband when I'm going to see you in the future!

Me: No no.. But yeah maybe? If he really loves me, then I'll just marry. Hahahahaa. If not, I'll just follow Plan A.

Teacher: Oh, what about if you are getting older later? All of your boyfriends will run away then! 

Me: Then I'll just be a nun and stay in a temple!

Teacher: Who will take care of you? How about your wealth? 

Me: Well, there are people in the temple who can take care of me. My wealth.. I'll just donate it to those who need it! Isn't that easy? 

Teacher: It is easy for you to say that! 

Me: Of course, there's nothing wrong! 

Teacher: Haha, good good. This is the first time I heard someone said this. You're a clever girl. Unique. I like your idea though.

As I was feeling superior after hearing that compliment, we both laughed hard.


This conversation with my Moral teacher is real, 100% original except that I have to translate from Kelantanese Malay to English. Phew! But what I said, was not a joke though. I was only joking at the part where I said I will date a lot. That's not true. I'm not a flirty girl. 

I've thought this idea of not marrying and be a nun many times. If I do get married, when I'm old, I'm going to ask for divorce and be a nun. At least when I die, I'll die with no regrets. 

And please, this is just one of my weird thoughts. Don't take it wrong. Peace?

Jul 6, 2013

Homemade Ice Cream COMING!

Hi netizens! I just did my first try of chocolate ice-cream. It worked! I thought it wouldn't because I over whip the whipping cream. It is very smooth and creamy. Here, let me give the recipe that I got from the Internet.

1 can of condensed milk
2 cups of whipping cream
1 bar of chocolate

But I do think that recipe was quite sweet, so I modified it a bit. Since 1 can equals to 500ml, I just used 300ml. And the result is: STILL VERY SWEET

After the first try, I decided this version will be much suitable.

200ml of condensed milk
2 cups of whipping cream
3/4 bar of chocolate

I haven't try this newest version of recipe yet. So, I can't tell if it's still very sweet or too bland. Try it out!

*Updated! Please don't use the third recipe unless you're just someone who doesn't like sweetness. If you want to do this ice cream, use the one that I used. Not the newest version or whatsoever. You wouldn't want to eat chocolate ice-cream with no taste at all. Yucks.

First, heat up the chocolate bar. Let it melt. Then, mix it with the condensed milk. Keep mixing with a ladle or spoon. The important step, whip the cream! Whip it using the whisking machine, or not it will be hard to whip it manually. Whisk it until the cream becomes stiff. When it does become stiff, DO NOT whip it anymore. It will turn its liquid form again and if you keep whipping it, it will be butter. Trust me. When the whipping cream is stiff, pour in the chocolate+condensed milk together and mix them. But not for too long, please remember! Leave it in the freezer for at least 6 hours before you indulge yourself in this creamy chocolate ice-cream.

And if you accidentally whipped the cream too much that it turns to liquid again, don't worry. Just continue the next step (mix the chocolate+condensed milk). It will work. Well it worked for me! I over whipped the cream too. But the result is, normal and great.


Jul 3, 2013

JULY is here ~

I'm currently listening to Like Nobody's Around from Big Time Rush. I just turned into a Rusher! It's a call for BTR's followers. So, I declare myself a Shawol (SHINee), ELF (Super Junior), Directioner (One Direction) and Rusher (BTR). But gonna be an EXOtic (EXO) in any time. But believe me, I'm not the type that goes crazy and always thinks about them. I just love their music, style and looks. *wink

Oh it's a fun week this week. I don't know why but it's really exciting. Tomorrow my school is going to do Canteen Day which means.. SPENDING MONEY! On food and drinks literally. The exciting part is: The teachers are the one who is going to sell and promote their stalls. But of course students must help too. Oh my God, I'm just so excited about tomorrow. And there's gonna be song request service available too! I want to bring all my BTR and 1D songs tomorrow. In case they didn't have the songs. OMG OMG OMG.  Gonna ask for extra money from Papa. Hihi.

Next, a cute Form 1 boy sent me a chat message in Facebook! Well, I kinda noticed him for a while and I can't believe he said Hi to me. I felt like I'm on cloud nine! He's so cute! A very cute junior with small eyes and a small body too actually. Hehehe. I'm famous at school yo!

And for unknown reasons, people started to look me in different way. They look at me in some kind of friendlier face? I'm not sure. But I'm getting a little happier and feeling young! Being Form 3 is awesome except for the fact that I have to sit for a major examination end of this year. My friends and I grow closer and I like it for we laugh a lot! I realize that love is always around us if we start to love them first. 

I'm waiting for a bottle of pepper spray to arrive my house from my aunt. Still not going to say why do I need it but I'm always excited if there's a letter or parcel addressed to me. Yoohooo. And I did a great job of impressing and persuading people this week. Well, I impressed an examiner from other school because I'm a Chinese who can talk this certain language. And I managed to persuade Papa and Mummy to subscribe a TV scheme to make the TV's image clearer. I got a praise from my teacher for my essay too. My teacher also treated me breakfast today. I can't feel anything except being happy and grateful!

Hope this July will be great. And other months to come too.

Jun 19, 2013


Phew. Just done ABRSM survey questions. Fun, though. I get to write what I wanna tell them. I told them the examiner looked like a Santa Claus because his smile was broad. Haha. I don't care but that's truth. 

Got some kind of aerobics tomorrow. So gonna wear sports attire from morning to whole evening! So amazing. Oh yes, my class's t-shirt has arrived. My classmates were like, "Oh my God, oh my God! May, it's so nice!" And I was like, "Ehh?" I am the designer of the t-shirt and it didn't really look like how it was supposed to be. The font is different. The colour too. But what's important is that, I got my t-shirt! It is still very pretty. Thumbs up!

And yes, Sis just gone to ASASIpintar where all of my friends are studying there too. And they contacted Sis, "Hi, Wee Soo May's elder sister." I was like, "What?!" Since when did they start to notice that she is my sister? They must have seen my so melancholic Facebook post (which I wrote before sending Sis to university) and spread all the words among them. I'm famous. Hehh. But, is it me or my sister? Who cares? Right, Sis? 

In a confused situation lately.

'Even a cheerful face painted on her face, there lies still a mourning heart.'- Wee Soo May


Jun 17, 2013

Done for goodness's sake!

Long and forgotten! Fyi, I just sat ABRSM Grade 6 practical piano exam. It felt like I just flew to hell and to heaven and back here on Earth. Speechess. Indescribable.

I sat down in the waiting room. Whole body was shaking and shivering uncontrollably. Upper teeth gritted lower teeth. Beads of sweat appeared on palms. Taking extra breath suddenly. Heard the examiner's voice and how the kid (before me) played her pieces. A sentence circled my mind, "Am I gonna play so good like that?" Mouth was whispering prayers. Eyes looked up.

Finally, it was my turn. The examiner was so friendly! Seriously, I nearly thought he was a Santa Claus. He's so friendly to kids. Yeah, I am a kid. Haha. The piano was perfect, Yamaha. It shone like stars. Everything was reflected on the piano. The room was not very cold nor hot. The atmosphere was perfect.

My scales were okay, except that the examiner had to repeat twice sometimes. My pieces were, alas, not very good. Song A was terrible. So many unforced mistakes! Song B was kinda good but maybe a bit less in expression because I'm not very used to the piano. A few mistakes at the end too. Song C was very good in the beginning and I was too excited that I did some mistakes at the end. Conclusion, pieces were okay except for Song A. *feeling down* ._______.

Aural tests were kinda good too. I began to recover from my nervousness. And luckily the sight-reading was quite easy. I got a piece which has only one flat, F major. I played it with my whole confidence. Overall, it was quite brilliant except for the Song A and a few scales.

So, for those who are going to take practical exam too, keep calm. Of course, I don't know what will I get. But a pass, at least, is what I want. I don't want Mom's and Dad's money spent on me just like that. Now, I can only pray and hope. I will update my results as soon as I got it. Remember, HOPE IS STILL THERE.

Good luck for you and for me too! Seriously, keep smiling during the exam 'cause most likely you'll be treated good.

Jun 15, 2013

3 things excite me!

One, I'm going to have my class t-shirt tomorrow, most likely! I hope it will be amazing since I've been waiting so long.

Two, piano exam next Monday! Oh my God.. Wish me luck, though

Three, I don't know.

Jun 13, 2013

A new term and a new me.

Hey, in the mood to write something while listening to Titanium covers. The songs represents me right now, kinda and I'm head over heels over it. It's June. Half year has gone. I'm alone in the house with my parents. No more Sis around talking with me. I feel lonely yet matured.

Yet of course, I have to do numbers of house chores. Sometimes I have to juggle all my tasks and keep it balanced. No way of dropping it. With me as a girl, it's a must for me to complete everything in order to keep everyone happy. Mom's happy. Dad's happy. I'm happy. I suppose none of my friends faces this yet, I'm the first? To make sure house chores done, homework done, piano practice done, Mandarin lesson done and bla bla bla. To tell you about what I have to do will take a long time. Well, my private time increases. And I do think since Sis is not around, I concentrate more in doing things. Just because I don't have anyone to listen to my never-end talks.

Actually I really have lots of things to say. My exam resulted to be sorta good.It's just that I don't understand how people cheat. Or even ask for answers. I mean, don't they feel like they want to do the exam themselves so that they can measure their capacities. I'm confused. And when they got A, they shouted and said, "Oh, I'm so relieved! At last, an A!". I was, crashed. The so-called A, isn't theirs supposedly. Well, not 100%. I mean if you only asked for an answer, still you knew how others answer the question. Even though you answer may differ after that, it's because you are convinced that the initial answer is wrong. When exam, you don't really know which answer is wrong, unless you are certain of it. I'm not sure if anyone understand this, but to conclude this, I LOATHE PEOPLE WHO ARE SO PROUD OF THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS WHICH DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM.

As I scan myself, I don't really know what is my strong points. I mean, all my other friends seem to have their own talents. Talent. Gift. I can't really see mine. I want to know what is it but somehow, no one can help me to know what is it. I have a friend who is so pious and so confident that I do think that he is able to talk for 24 hours just about his own religion in front of a big stage. And there's one friend of mine, is a chemistry freak. I mean in our age, we're not supposed to learn it yet, but he did. Impressive. The others could play songs on piano just by hearing it, able to do mental calculation so quick. I was awestruck. Where do I stand among them? I am searching in myself and still am.

I am lost in myself. Sometimes I always wonder, what will I be? I don't even know what is my strong point or basically my advantage, my talent? I do sometimes guess maybe I belong in the literature team. I love writing so much. I love words, especially new ones that I'm always eager to use. And many teachers as well as my peers even my family were touched by my work, sometimes. I have been in writing course once for summer camp, and the teacher told me once that I am talented to write stories and journal. I admit I love writing something that I can use 'I' rather than 'she' or 'he'. But I can't see how good I can be, as a writer. I mean, I always loved to work in science field. But if my mind is not for that, can I still pursue my childhood dream? I love to write and yet I love to know something new. And still, I don't know who am I.

I love to ponder things when I'm alone or if I'm bored. I have this one thought. I am actually mental. I am actually imagining everything that is happening to me right now. Now. Maybe I can see myself right now typing using laptop, but in reality I might be half naked by the roadside pressing my fingers vigorously on a large rock beside the road. My family might be no one. Maybe what I see, is only a dream. My friends in school, are maybe just invisible friends. I created 'them' in my mind. I am actually alone. Perhaps in a circle of people who look at me, and said, "Hey, that's Lonny May.". Is my name even May?

P/S: Piano exam on 17th. Keep calm and just fly away with the melody.

And, do I really exist?

Apr 30, 2013

Gadget list goes on and on..

I love gadgets very much! This is the opening for my post today. I really love gadgets. From Year 6, I've been collecting (or frankly, spending a lot) on these things.

Year 6 -> DSLR camera
Form 1 -> Music player
Form 2 -> Handphone with a camera
Form 3 -> ?

I wanted a new phone actually for this year, but Mom won't buy me any 'cause my aunt suddenly gave me her unused phone, Nokia E63. So Mom said, "You've got a new phone, why do you still want another one?". Well, 'cause I want my own choice of smartphone. Perhaps Nokia Lumia? Samsung? iPhone? Yes, that's what I've been thinking of. Touch screen phones. But since Mom said that, I just have to agree with it. Perhaps I should try to persuade her to buy me one after I finished my high school. So, new phone for 2013? No.
Nokia Lumia Series
Samsung S3
iPhone 5

Then, my friend was talking about instant cameras or what she calls it, 'polaroid camera'. It was interesting. It was cheap and cute! But, I got my DSLR. Why should I need to buy another camera despite its cheap price? Sigh. It is interesting as we can have our photos taken and printed on the photo film straight away. But yet, polaroid? No.

Instant camera. Cute?

And this one unique gadget caught my eye. CAMCORDERS! I searched for Canon camcorders for beginners and they are cheap indeed! The most expensive camcorder for beginners is the FS46 costs RM1100. At least, it's cheaper than my DSLR and also maybe as cheap as Nokia Lumia. Why choose camcorder? Because I want to capture my moments not only in a single picture, but a few of them, continuously. And I want to express my feelings or some kind of an electronic diary through it. Perhaps I will only post a video of me without writing anything. I have a mission but I must keep it a secret yet 'cause I'm afraid it will not come true. If it come true, then it'll be very suitable to have a camcorder along. Camcorder? YES!

My choice: Canon FS46

Conclusion: I need to study hard and get good results in my exam and I'll have one. As a treat for my own. Yeay :) CANON FS46 DREAM!