Feb 2, 2013

Failure :(

Hey yo bloggie. I know that I left you for quite a long time but no worries. I'm back!

Regarding to my post title 'Failure', it is based on my current life now. I always succeed and fail. I don't understand. Sometimes, I'm at the top of the world but sometimes I'm at the most bottom part of the world, humiliated by thousands of people. I just don't know why is it so hard for me to succeed! Seriously. Others gain success with ease. But my case, is totally upside down. Haihh..

We always read novels, story books, comics. And the plot is always the same. Example: A poor boy who works so hard to gain success and finally, he gained it. And perhaps be a successful engineer or whatsoever. But me, my life is not as easy as THAT! Let's say, I succeed this exam, then the next exam I failed. Then I passed another exam again. And I failed again in another exam. Then, how can I inspire myself when my life is always up and down! Some people just sometimes failed once, and they forever succeed. But I'm not. Currently.

I keep telling people to be positive while I, myself can't do the same thing. It's different, you know. It's like a road towards hidden treasure where I must walk through lots of high mountains, up and down. And when I reached the treasure, it's gone. Taken by others. So, what I can do is to go back home, think of other ways to be rich. While others, are now enjoying nice food and wine every night. I'm always the one left out. It's always me. Why?

I once read a quote, "If God doesn't fulfill your wish, that means He is planning something better for you.". But I still can't see it. Is it true? Perhaps yes, and perhaps no. Life. Wait. My life. Is so hard and complicated. Now what I CAN do is just to plan a good strategy to be the same as those who have reached their success. But, yes. It's a long journey and a waste of time. But, this is the fact. I think I just continue my hard work and wait for something better. I don't believe that I can't shine, even once. There must be something waiting for me. Yes. I just need to stay focus, ignore others and never give up. *desperately trying to be very positive for this year.*

Status: Ping pong tournament tomorrow and chess tournament on Tuesday.