Feb 15, 2013

Philosophy No. 1 : Life & People

Decided to create my own life philosophy. Haha, cool.

Life. What is life? Life is an amount of time. Life has its beginning and its end. But science said that we will not die. Death is just something abstract, emptiness. Zero. For me, who is a Buddhist, death is what I call the  time when we will finally review our own lives back. Life, time. Life, can be long or short 'cause it's just some sort of time. We can make it faster, by moving slowly. We can make it slower, by moving faster.It's the same way like time too. This is what I understand from Einstein's time theory. To make our lives happy, think positive and look forward. Life is like a rainbow. Ok, I'm now trying to squeeze my rainbow's popularity in this post. You need rain, not just sun to make a rainbow. You need to have adequate rain and sun, then it will work! So, rain here means pain while sun here.. Well, it depends where do you live actually. Me, in Malaysia, think sun is great! Sun brings great feeling here. But I have a Mexican friend who doesn't like the blazing hot sun very much. So, sun is like a torture to him. If you think rain and sun are pain, then maybe my rain philosophy is not very suitable for you. Rain + sun = Rainbow. Rainbow = life. Life = pain + happiness. You just have to accept it. Life has to has pain but life will also have happiness. You might be down now but you will soon get to stand high with others too. I'm writing this 'cause I'm now currently having this condition. So, motivate ourselves is the best way to overcome disappointment!

Now, people. I realized that people always say, "All of us are the same." and sometimes, "Each of us are different, that is what makes us special.". My question here is, are we same or different? People are trying to be optimistic, trying to ignore the differences by saying we are all the same. People are also trying to say that we have our own specialities, special in our own way. So these two statements clearly confuse people.. if you noticed it.

"We are different in our own way, except that our differences are of the same value."

That is what I think. It's quite agreeable, right? We are different, that's for sure actually. I am black, you are white. She is an Asian, he is an European. Those are the physical differences. Inner differences may be: You are a genius, I'm a dumb person. They are kind, he is rude. Everyone is different, do you and your siblings think of the same thing every second? Nope. Okay, so that, is different. But our differences are of the same value. That's why we are same. We are humans, the same species. Unless, you are an alien, reading my post. We are living things, then. Living in the same galaxy. Haha. 

This post is regarding what I think about our world. Whether it's correct or false, blame on me. I wrote this post. Any mistakes, comment! This is what I, personally thinks.

Feb 13, 2013


Me. A rainbow hunter. Imagine that. With a bow and some arrows. Ok, don't think about it.

Chinese New Year is amazing. For me, this year is just like many other years before. But, this year, it is a bit special. I gambled. Haha. From RM4 to RM7. Won RM3. Crazy. Laughed without any limit. Fun. I played chess with my cousins. Awesome. Even created a new way of playing chess. Four players chess. Really enjoyed it. Angpows, although not as many as last year, I don't care! 

What makes CNY different this year is perhaps, it's because I'm more matured than I was before. CNY is all about family relationship, luck, red, money and having fun. Those.. are what CNY is really for. I'm grateful to have great family. Wihtout you guys, I wouldn't know the fun of having CNY. 

I'm now trying as hard as ever to think positively. But everytime, I watched others' joy. They just hurt me. I don't know. I feel I'm so useless. I'm not strong enough to face all these. It's just.. I don't know what to say. I know, I KNOW. I have to be strong, stay fighting. Slap my face! I don't want to face the reality. I want to be happy all the time, but I can't. Oh, I don't want to be left out. 

Every deep breath I take, to push away all those sadness. Every time I look up, just to convince myself that life is not that awful. Hunting for rainbow isn't an easy job. Have to endure the rain and sun. Pray, is the last way. Hopefully, it will work. My hunt for rainbow.. will accomplish.