Apr 30, 2013

Gadget list goes on and on..

I love gadgets very much! This is the opening for my post today. I really love gadgets. From Year 6, I've been collecting (or frankly, spending a lot) on these things.

Year 6 -> DSLR camera
Form 1 -> Music player
Form 2 -> Handphone with a camera
Form 3 -> ?

I wanted a new phone actually for this year, but Mom won't buy me any 'cause my aunt suddenly gave me her unused phone, Nokia E63. So Mom said, "You've got a new phone, why do you still want another one?". Well, 'cause I want my own choice of smartphone. Perhaps Nokia Lumia? Samsung? iPhone? Yes, that's what I've been thinking of. Touch screen phones. But since Mom said that, I just have to agree with it. Perhaps I should try to persuade her to buy me one after I finished my high school. So, new phone for 2013? No.
Nokia Lumia Series
Samsung S3
iPhone 5

Then, my friend was talking about instant cameras or what she calls it, 'polaroid camera'. It was interesting. It was cheap and cute! But, I got my DSLR. Why should I need to buy another camera despite its cheap price? Sigh. It is interesting as we can have our photos taken and printed on the photo film straight away. But yet, polaroid? No.

Instant camera. Cute?

And this one unique gadget caught my eye. CAMCORDERS! I searched for Canon camcorders for beginners and they are cheap indeed! The most expensive camcorder for beginners is the FS46 costs RM1100. At least, it's cheaper than my DSLR and also maybe as cheap as Nokia Lumia. Why choose camcorder? Because I want to capture my moments not only in a single picture, but a few of them, continuously. And I want to express my feelings or some kind of an electronic diary through it. Perhaps I will only post a video of me without writing anything. I have a mission but I must keep it a secret yet 'cause I'm afraid it will not come true. If it come true, then it'll be very suitable to have a camcorder along. Camcorder? YES!

My choice: Canon FS46

Conclusion: I need to study hard and get good results in my exam and I'll have one. As a treat for my own. Yeay :) CANON FS46 DREAM!