Jun 19, 2013


Phew. Just done ABRSM survey questions. Fun, though. I get to write what I wanna tell them. I told them the examiner looked like a Santa Claus because his smile was broad. Haha. I don't care but that's truth. 

Got some kind of aerobics tomorrow. So gonna wear sports attire from morning to whole evening! So amazing. Oh yes, my class's t-shirt has arrived. My classmates were like, "Oh my God, oh my God! May, it's so nice!" And I was like, "Ehh?" I am the designer of the t-shirt and it didn't really look like how it was supposed to be. The font is different. The colour too. But what's important is that, I got my t-shirt! It is still very pretty. Thumbs up!

And yes, Sis just gone to ASASIpintar where all of my friends are studying there too. And they contacted Sis, "Hi, Wee Soo May's elder sister." I was like, "What?!" Since when did they start to notice that she is my sister? They must have seen my so melancholic Facebook post (which I wrote before sending Sis to university) and spread all the words among them. I'm famous. Hehh. But, is it me or my sister? Who cares? Right, Sis? 

In a confused situation lately.

'Even a cheerful face painted on her face, there lies still a mourning heart.'- Wee Soo May


Jun 17, 2013

Done for goodness's sake!

Long and forgotten! Fyi, I just sat ABRSM Grade 6 practical piano exam. It felt like I just flew to hell and to heaven and back here on Earth. Speechess. Indescribable.

I sat down in the waiting room. Whole body was shaking and shivering uncontrollably. Upper teeth gritted lower teeth. Beads of sweat appeared on palms. Taking extra breath suddenly. Heard the examiner's voice and how the kid (before me) played her pieces. A sentence circled my mind, "Am I gonna play so good like that?" Mouth was whispering prayers. Eyes looked up.

Finally, it was my turn. The examiner was so friendly! Seriously, I nearly thought he was a Santa Claus. He's so friendly to kids. Yeah, I am a kid. Haha. The piano was perfect, Yamaha. It shone like stars. Everything was reflected on the piano. The room was not very cold nor hot. The atmosphere was perfect.

My scales were okay, except that the examiner had to repeat twice sometimes. My pieces were, alas, not very good. Song A was terrible. So many unforced mistakes! Song B was kinda good but maybe a bit less in expression because I'm not very used to the piano. A few mistakes at the end too. Song C was very good in the beginning and I was too excited that I did some mistakes at the end. Conclusion, pieces were okay except for Song A. *feeling down* ._______.

Aural tests were kinda good too. I began to recover from my nervousness. And luckily the sight-reading was quite easy. I got a piece which has only one flat, F major. I played it with my whole confidence. Overall, it was quite brilliant except for the Song A and a few scales.

So, for those who are going to take practical exam too, keep calm. Of course, I don't know what will I get. But a pass, at least, is what I want. I don't want Mom's and Dad's money spent on me just like that. Now, I can only pray and hope. I will update my results as soon as I got it. Remember, HOPE IS STILL THERE.

Good luck for you and for me too! Seriously, keep smiling during the exam 'cause most likely you'll be treated good.