Jul 6, 2013

Homemade Ice Cream COMING!

Hi netizens! I just did my first try of chocolate ice-cream. It worked! I thought it wouldn't because I over whip the whipping cream. It is very smooth and creamy. Here, let me give the recipe that I got from the Internet.

1 can of condensed milk
2 cups of whipping cream
1 bar of chocolate

But I do think that recipe was quite sweet, so I modified it a bit. Since 1 can equals to 500ml, I just used 300ml. And the result is: STILL VERY SWEET

After the first try, I decided this version will be much suitable.

200ml of condensed milk
2 cups of whipping cream
3/4 bar of chocolate

I haven't try this newest version of recipe yet. So, I can't tell if it's still very sweet or too bland. Try it out!

*Updated! Please don't use the third recipe unless you're just someone who doesn't like sweetness. If you want to do this ice cream, use the one that I used. Not the newest version or whatsoever. You wouldn't want to eat chocolate ice-cream with no taste at all. Yucks.

First, heat up the chocolate bar. Let it melt. Then, mix it with the condensed milk. Keep mixing with a ladle or spoon. The important step, whip the cream! Whip it using the whisking machine, or not it will be hard to whip it manually. Whisk it until the cream becomes stiff. When it does become stiff, DO NOT whip it anymore. It will turn its liquid form again and if you keep whipping it, it will be butter. Trust me. When the whipping cream is stiff, pour in the chocolate+condensed milk together and mix them. But not for too long, please remember! Leave it in the freezer for at least 6 hours before you indulge yourself in this creamy chocolate ice-cream.

And if you accidentally whipped the cream too much that it turns to liquid again, don't worry. Just continue the next step (mix the chocolate+condensed milk). It will work. Well it worked for me! I over whipped the cream too. But the result is, normal and great.


Jul 3, 2013

JULY is here ~

I'm currently listening to Like Nobody's Around from Big Time Rush. I just turned into a Rusher! It's a call for BTR's followers. So, I declare myself a Shawol (SHINee), ELF (Super Junior), Directioner (One Direction) and Rusher (BTR). But gonna be an EXOtic (EXO) in any time. But believe me, I'm not the type that goes crazy and always thinks about them. I just love their music, style and looks. *wink

Oh it's a fun week this week. I don't know why but it's really exciting. Tomorrow my school is going to do Canteen Day which means.. SPENDING MONEY! On food and drinks literally. The exciting part is: The teachers are the one who is going to sell and promote their stalls. But of course students must help too. Oh my God, I'm just so excited about tomorrow. And there's gonna be song request service available too! I want to bring all my BTR and 1D songs tomorrow. In case they didn't have the songs. OMG OMG OMG.  Gonna ask for extra money from Papa. Hihi.

Next, a cute Form 1 boy sent me a chat message in Facebook! Well, I kinda noticed him for a while and I can't believe he said Hi to me. I felt like I'm on cloud nine! He's so cute! A very cute junior with small eyes and a small body too actually. Hehehe. I'm famous at school yo!

And for unknown reasons, people started to look me in different way. They look at me in some kind of friendlier face? I'm not sure. But I'm getting a little happier and feeling young! Being Form 3 is awesome except for the fact that I have to sit for a major examination end of this year. My friends and I grow closer and I like it for we laugh a lot! I realize that love is always around us if we start to love them first. 

I'm waiting for a bottle of pepper spray to arrive my house from my aunt. Still not going to say why do I need it but I'm always excited if there's a letter or parcel addressed to me. Yoohooo. And I did a great job of impressing and persuading people this week. Well, I impressed an examiner from other school because I'm a Chinese who can talk this certain language. And I managed to persuade Papa and Mummy to subscribe a TV scheme to make the TV's image clearer. I got a praise from my teacher for my essay too. My teacher also treated me breakfast today. I can't feel anything except being happy and grateful!

Hope this July will be great. And other months to come too.