Aug 30, 2013

Wait. Receive.

Today is about talking how waiting and receiving make me looking forward to face every brand new day. I will always wait for new things to happen, so every morning when I wake up, I would pray for something great to happen. And I would always hope that I'll receive something. Something wonderful. I would always make myself eager with this question lingering in my mind, "What's today's surprise?"

Since the early of the year, I have been waiting and receiving. I wait. I receive. And this leads to hope. I hope. But sometimes, life isn't that beautiful. What I always waited for, I didn't receive. Leaving me sadness and disappointment. I always try to not set too high expectations. They will just break my heart if I fail. If I succeed, they will flutter my heart and let me feel like I'm on cloud nine. 

This Sunday, I just answered UKM2. An intelligence test. If I pass this test, I will be offered to go to its holiday camp in this year-end. I have been to the camp for 3 times and I certainly wouldn't want to miss it this time as I'm now 15 years old. One can enter this camp until he's 15 years old. This would be my last shot. I would be waiting for its results then. And I will receive it. I'm praying. Pray. 

Yesterday, I checked the Commonwealth Essay Competition 2013 results. There are Top Winner, Runner-Up, Gold Awards, Silver Awards and Bronze Awards. And I got a bronze. 

I cried. I'm happy. This feeling of euphoria filled my body and mind. "I'm awarded for my work!" was what I thought. I always love to write stories and poems. It's always a dream to be a writer as a part-time job. I waited this for many months and received a recognition yesterday. I would never feel this happy for getting an award for my art work. Thank you God. Thank you to everyone who has been protecting me all this while. Thank you very much. 

I appreciate what I received. And I will continue to wait. And I'll pray. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

I would close my eyes for a moment and ask