Sep 5, 2013


Siti (my friend) and me have dreamt something impossible but yet possible today. We were walking to class after buying some drinks while talking about boarding schools. Well, we are Form 3 students. So, we might be going to boarding schools or just stay.

I was saying, "Hey, I always imagine that when I will be a billionaire in the future, I'm gonna build a school."

Siti, "What?! Hey, that's kinda awesome!"

Me: "Let's build the school together! When we are both billionaires, let's contact each other."

Siti: "No problem! Through Twitter!"

Me: "Yeahh let's build a private school which has..."

Both of us: "COOL UNIFORMS!" We were giggling like lunatics.

Me: "Air-conds and pretty classes!"

Siti: "And a big open hall.."

Me: "A school with an English castle structure would be great. I mean, the view would be nice.."

Siti: "Oh my God that would be wonderful! But still, cool uniforms would be our main priority!"

Me: "Wait. All girls or all boys or co-ed school?"

Siti: "Co-ed of course. We're gonna design great uniforms for our students! Let them have coats, ties, plenty types of uniforms to change.."

Me: "Our 2013 dream!"

Siti: "Let's beat all those elite boarding schools and be the top one. Oh how nice would this be!"

Me: "Yeah this is so gonna be so so so so great!"

*this conversation is not very accurate but this somehow tells you how the conversation looks like. Especially how both of us screamed agreed on having cool uniforms.

Wouldn't it be great to, I mean, build our own school? Set our own rules. The uniforms. The school badge. Both of us were like crazy when we talked about this. And kept this secret between the both of us. But if you're reading this, then it's not a secret anymore. Haha. We both think if others know about this, they would laugh. Laugh like, ha-ha-ha.

I can imagine every assembly, both of us will be talking as Headmistresses at the same time, using two mics. I'll say one sentence and she'll continue the next one. Or we'll just say things in front of the students. This is funny. Very funny.

And now I'm thinking all sorts designs of school uniforms. Omg.