Oct 10, 2013

PMR 2013

What's up everyone! Ohh it's been a long time isn't it? I feel extra free right now and will be for the next two months. I just finished my major exam, PMR! And I won't have to study anymore for the rest of the year. Oh yeah oh yeah. So, I'm writing today just to point out my views on PMR and how I feel after PMR is finished.

I can still remember the day when we did Majlis Restu Ilmu on Monday. Every Form Three student and teacher gathered. We hugged and cried. Well, one of my friends started to cry first and it somehow affected me too. I ended up crying and been booed by the boys. Damn right..

Then my class did a small gathering. We sat in a large circle, touching each other's knees so that the circle wouldn't break. Raisya, read prayers and everyone started to cry again. As usual we had a small speech session and I was the first to talk. Couldn't control myself from crying but yeah, I cried again. My speech was so short because words did not seem to come out from my mouth. I felt so frustrated 'cause I wanted to talk so many things more. But well yeah urgh

Waking up on 2nd of October, I curled up in a ball on my bed. I was like, "Oh my God Wee Soo May, today is PMR, do you know?" Mommy prepared a special breakfast and I was so touched.  Then Papa and Mommy hugged me and gave me 'ang-pows' as a symbol of good luck.

Went through the papers for four days. The papers are quite well, not that easy and not that difficult. Except for KHB, I was like, "Oh my God, why this paper is so hard man". Everyone else was shouting and screaming and hugging on the fourth day but my class ain't. It's their last day. But not us. We had another paper 'cause we took extra subject.

The last day, everyone's hands were wet and cold. We were scared! We were afraid if the paper would be damn hard. But thank God, the paper was quite easy and we managed to answer them calmly. The last ten minutes, when the invigilator told us, "MASA TINGGAL SEPULUH MINIT, CALON TIDAK DIBENARKAN KELUAR DARI DEWAN", I was grinning up to my ears and kept hitting my wrists on the table.

When our exam was done, we were like jumping and yelling like some crazy kids. Haha. Took lots of photos and had so much fun. I feel so different. I feel so free. And at the same time, I feel so bored and useless. :P

"Three years. We know each other. Ten months. We struggled together. Five days. We fought together. And we are all fifteen. For me, to face a major exam does take patience and courage. I am glad to tell that we have them all in our hearts. 

People might say, "What's the big deal?" but why must we care about what they think? That's them. This is us."