Jul 16, 2014


Hey guys. Again, I neglected this little blog of mine. I'm so busy or should I say so distracted actually to care about these small stuffs that keep my memories alive. Anyways, I joined a public speaking workshop held by Toastmasters Club and it's a good one. I achieved my goal: which is not to find the courage to speak, or to enhance my English, but it is because I want to share my philosophies aloud. This is the first prepared speech that I did (based on my own thoughts that I have been sharing all this while with friends I believe are interested in this topic). But the oral one sucks because I was nervous and completely forgot what did I want to say, but nah. Just a share of thoughts, here.

"Have we ever taken a couple minutes to wonder... what is life?

Before that, good evening. This evening, I would like to talk about life. Again, what is life? Actually? Based on Google, life is the period between the birth and death of a living thing, especially a human being. Is it? Does our life start when we are born? Maybe it starts even before we are borne. Or never ends even after we die. Life is a very subjective matter, everyone can have their own opinions on life. For me, I would agree the literal definition of life that is given by Google. Still, it has not really satisfied myself because it seems too simple.

I do ponder a lot; What happened before we are borne? What will happen after we die? Where will we go? What is the point of having this duration in between of all times? In schools, we have different periods such as English period, when we will learn English. Then here comes History, and we will learn History. Every duration has its purpose, then the period of life should have its significant purpose. Why God even wants us to live and lead a human life? And place us in an uncertain period of time on Earth, then.

What if I say, He purposely do this so that we will experience something we will never face in Heaven or Hell. Based on many religions, these two places are either very divine or very gruesome places. In Hinduism, they believe that only through life, will they reach enlightenment.

Have we ever wondered too, how long that is left for us to stay here? As people always say, no one knows, only God. To go to another world of an unknown dimension after this current life is quite scary, in my opinion. Or are we actually, currently living in another dimension of afterlife? I was discussing with my friend about life when he told me that a known figure once said, “Life only starts, when that person dies.” If this, this period of time we are facing now is called life, then when were we alive? Nobody knows, and it is up to you to believe if are we now living *breathes* or already dead.

Sometimes, when life seems too perfectly-planned, I would always think, “Am I crazy?” I can imagine myself as a lunatic, walking beside the road, without direction. And this life, this scene that I am looking, all of you right now, is just an illusion playing inside my mind. Maybe when I’m talking to all of you right now, in real life or whatever, I’m talking to trees! When I’m typing on my laptop, it might be that I am actually pressing random growing mushrooms on rocks! I am actually crazy!

Have you ever thought of that? That you are actually crazy? Or that you are actually in a comma? Or you’re actually dead, this is already afterlife? Those people who are dead, are actually alive. And those morons whom you see roaming around the city, are actually normal ones?

Life is a puzzle of mystery. Time is ticking, and I have limited time. If any of you wants to discuss more, you can always find me and we can always talk about what life is. Just another reminder: Do ponder what I said and take the best part from it. Thank you."

Just to emphasize here that I don't really like to include religious stuffs into my philosophies because that will affect how I think. I just put them in my speech because there's nothing else to say and it was a public speaking workshop. So, I need the flow and the capacity of the speech. 

I felt glad to share what I thought orally. But maybe I do better in writing them down than saying them out. Cheers.