Sep 14, 2014


Hello it's now 4.27 am in Malaysia and I guess I just broke my personal record. I've never slept this late before. How cool is that? Mom's gonna be mad at me if she knows this though. I should type this fast and sleep before she wakes up.

I reckon I'm having insomnia right now, for no reason. First time. Uh huh.

I'm actually now crazy on Fast Forward Music band. They are AWESOME. Breathtaking. I just couldn't stop repeating their covers. They favourited my tweet too by the way. Can I just drop and die now?

Kidding, of course but they are cool. The sad thing is that they don't get the recognition they are supposed to have. So yeah, check them out in YouTube and do support them if you find them awesome too!

I just reached my home sweet home like three hours ago? Yeah and the first thing I did was to sit on the piano chair/bench and played few songs for almost an hour. Then I continued listening to Fast Forward Music covers over and over again. After that I played piano for God knows how long again. I would have strum the guitar if Mom and Dad aren't sleeping.

Basically that's my schedule for this whole week. Music. Singing. Sleeping. Eating. Perhaps, baking too. And catching up with old friends.

I gotta get my mind out of my school for a while. There's too much stuffs in my school makes me wanna forget all of them right now. I rarely find people annoying but haha, in my new school, I found at  least three annoying guys.

I can't help it but to get irritated with them. But no worries, once I don't like someone, I'll make sure it's mutual so that I wouldn't feel guilty.

It's 4.40 am now. Gosh.

Right now I'm just focusing on improving other aspects of myself, exclude academics. Improve a little of my Mandarin, learn a new language (if I have time), do song cover(s) and continue writing my story!

Check my online story through this link -->

It's lame, cliche, cheesy but that's just a piece of my imagination. I have more ideas coming up but not for this story, nor am I publishing them online. I want to publish them as a rigid, solid, whole, real book. And most of my ideas are fantasy, except this online story here.

What else...

I don't know, I just find my life right now having just lots of ups and downs. It's hard but people around me keep saying, "This is the road you chose." *sighs

I'll just close my eyes and sleep then. It's too tiring to see the reality.

It's 4.58 am now. 'Good night'.