Jan 2, 2015


It's 2015. "What a surprise"

End of 2014 is a tough one, personally and I wasn't really looking forward to celebrating a new year. Because new year is supposed to be a fresh start, which isn't going to be like that for this year. Mishaps keep happening for the past year and I am not so enthusiastic anymore.

Life is tiring, huh.

Anyways, I am just being pessimistic. Once school season kicks off, I will be back to neutral.

I am just going to write some 2015 resolutions since 2015 is a big year for me. I AM FINALLY A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR & WILL END MY SCHOOL LIFE YAABEEDAABEEDOO

2015 Resolutions

  1. No cussing (My sister used to say, "You do not need to curse just to show off how good your English is")
  2. Ace SAT, targeting a score of 2000 and above (hopefully that's possible) and TOEFL, not to forget
  3. Get 9 straight As for SPM 2015 (I have yet to muster the courage to wish for 9A plus) 
  4. Do my best in research and get a gold medal for Future Scientist Conference 2015
  5. Get a scholarship to study overseas (preferably UK)
  6. Be more outspoken, improve my eye contact, be more proactive, hardworking, less careless and try my best to make my family happy (Simply, be a better person)
  7. Go somewhere overseas (either Korean internship or Genius Olympiad)
  8. Bake 'pau's, sponge cake, chiffon cake and bread successfully
  9. Aspire to be a good ChemE in the future
  10. Enhance my English vocab, brush up my Mandarin, Arabic and Korean and improve other dialects skills
  11. Have a better understanding on Buddha's teaching and meditate more
  12. Wish everyone on their birthdays and give presents to friends and family (I keep missing people's birthday because I'm lazy but I had an awesome 16th birthday and that struck me to treat people better)
  13. Write more and think more (enter writing contests and update blog more often)
  14. Not to dream too high and not to sink too low
  15. Enjoy 2015 till it lasts! 
So yeah, that's my 15 resolutions of 2015. Terms and conditions may apply and well, happy new year. May God give strength to His people who need it and bless all of us.