Jun 4, 2015


Hi everyone. Feels good to post another entry here. "Hunters" is supposed to be just a short story, hanging like that. I love stories like that, especially if I am the writer. *evil laugh* However, I might continue after I finish my SPM if I find this worth it. And "Hunters" isn't actually the real title but meh, I have no energy to brainstorm. So, this is the title for the meantime. Enjoy. 

I glanced around. Darkness filled us; felt as if there is no hope at all. No hope to see even the faintest light. I felt this before.

I ignored the thought as quickly as I can. Hunters can’t be distracted. Gramps’ advice cleared the murky thought away. I turned to Haley and Edward, and gave them knowing looks. They understood and nodded. There is no need for words. We are used to each other since we were small.

Our bangles shone their colours; mine electric blue. Both Haley’s and Ed’s shone the same colour; golden.

I remembered a few years ago when we were playing in the playground. It was a short break after hectic Hunters classes when Haley’s bangle shone intermittently. Like the SOS light. She grabbed my hand tightly, “Em, look!” We both knew what it meant; Haley’s soulmate is around here. Every Hunter has a whole-life partner and the bangle we all wear shows us our partners. Partners for life, partners for work, partners for marriage etc… all basically in one person. The bangle shows us the right one and as far as I know, all partners suit each other perfectly.

“He’s got to be somewhere. Hey, that’s Ed. Let’s break the good news to him and let’s find the One together!”

We waved towards Ed’s, signalling him to come. He came and stood face-to-face with Haley and… utter silence, followed by gasps. Ed’s bangle shone too and their bangles shone the same golden ray very brightly. And that’s when we know they are life partners.

However, I am still a single Hunter until now.

Our bangles’ rays split the darkness. Then we found what we were hunting for.


They stuck to the walls like shadows, lurking in every dark corner they could find. I squinted my eyes as their foul odour, like rotten eggs and stale meat, filled my nose. Hunters have sensitive nose and we could smell even the slightest Devil’s smell from afar.

I smirked. Oh this is going to be easy.

Giving Ed and Haley’s a final wink, the battle started. Streaks of lights sparked sporadically from the alley. Not a single Human soul can see, it’s not visible light.

I slashed a Devil into half while Ed just decapitated a Devil. Its head rolled on the ground. “That’s a nice one,” I complimented before striking another Devil behind me. The type of Devils tonight are the weakest ones, they can do nothing except vanishing into the wall as shadows, making us hard to kill them.

But when I tell you they are the weakest one, they really are. The light that shines from our bangles made that impossible for them to do that and they now have nowhere to camouflage.

I swung my sword at a full 360 degree swing, killing all the Devils around me in one go. Haley was doing a not bad job at all, she was standing on a mountain of sand with two swords slashing the Devils endlessly, and note you, with no sweat. Devils, when we kill them, they will turn to sand and can never be revived anymore. If you happen to see sands all over a place, then that’s most probably due to us hunting.

On a Friday night, job is quite easy for Hunters. I guess Devils also want to have T.G.I.F. moment. This type of Devils scare Humans in their sleeps as they enter their mind and create chaos or nightmares. The toughest Devils are capable of more stuffs but we do not usually handle them. The older Hunters take care of those.

For teen Hunters like us, we are only permitted to kill some types. The rest comes with experience and classes.

The last Devil stood in the middle, trapped. It has no face, but its knees were shaking. Finally the last one, I thought.

But then my bangle shone, the way Ed’s and Haley’s shone during that day. The light was faint, but it grew stronger and brighter. I glanced around. No one. What the heck? And we are supposed to be the only Hunters around this area.

The bangle started to vibrate ferociously. I looked behind, in case he was there. No one. I checked my watch, which also tells me all Hunters’ location. There is really no other Hunter here

Time was ticking, and I was busy glancing around. Where on earth is he?

Cold beads of sweat damped my temples. Em, seriously? You were not sweating after fighting like hundreds of Devils and now you are? My inner self sniggered.

Oh shut up. Just, where the heck are you?

Here. I heard a male’s voice, crisp and sort of, playful?

I spun my head around vigorously. I will lose my head if I continued searching for him like this, desperately.

I paused, thinking of the last word. Am I that desperate?

“Em!” Haley’s voice pulled me back together.

I turned to the last Devil and together, the three of us slashed it. It cried briefly and morphed into sand.

Before leaving the alley, I spared a final glance.

A figure stood on the same spot I was, except that he was at the other end of the alley. I don’t know how, but I can feel him smirking. To me. I blinked and he was gone. And my bangle shone its brightest light ever and vibrated out of control.

“What happened?” Ed asked as he drove the car, heading to Hunters headquarters, which will be in two hours away. Haley looked at me from the front seat. I was folding my arms. 

“What do you mean ‘what happened’? Didn’t you two see anything just now?” I replied impatiently. One, I was exasperated because I couldn’t find him. Two, because both of my friends were completely unaware of it.

“No,” they replied in unison.

I hunched forward, quickly. “No? What on earth… my bangle was shining so brightly just now!” I almost screamed.

“But Em, I seriously did not see anything. If it was shining so brightly, I would have seen it. Or at least Ed would have seen it too,” Haley’s replied softly, she knew I was angry. Ed nodded, agreeing to what she said.

“But, but… how? It was shining so brightly, it even vibrated!”

They spared me the I-think-you-are-tired-so-you-hallucinated look.

“Fine, nothing happened.” I muttered. 

P/S: This story is inspired by Mortal Instruments, so do not slander me for any reasons similar to forging, please! But my whole idea is different but well yeah, this chapter might seem very familiar to some. Bye!