Sep 11, 2015


"Happiness can be found when you stop comparing yourself to others."

If I was the old May, I wouldn't have found this true. But now, I couldn't agree more.

One thing I realise tonight, I have many friends who either have grasped or are on their way to grasp eminent achievements. They have been on a hard journey, with so much effort spent to climb to their dreams.

As I observe my childhood friends going through each stages of their lives, it oddly gives me a sense of satisfaction, even though I am neither them or their family members. I am just their friend.

Yes, friend. That's it.

Truth to be told, I am so happy for my friends. I am happy when I see them growing more matured day by day. I am happy when I see them achieving what they wanted all this while. I am happy when I see them receiving many opportunities they deserve to. I am happy, seeing my friends on their way to their dreams.

I am really happy.

And I sense no jealousy at all. Not even a tiny bit.

That is what I call, true friendships. They don't come easy, but once you prove that it's worthy, you know I'll be there forever.

I don't show how much I care physically, but dear friends, know that I will be always here, supporting for you guys, no matter what, always.