Oct 22, 2015

Thank You

As I grow up and face many different challenges, I realise that I can't get to this stage without others. That I can't still be alive today if not for everyone else, besides my capability.

I am thankful. 

I am thankful to God, Lai Kong, Lai Ma and Buddha for guiding me, taking care of me all this while. For enlightening me, for protecting me, for blessing me. For giving me chances and opportunities. For listening to me when I am in despair, for giving me the confidence when I break, for giving me the space to confide during the dark times. For making me believe that there are people watching over me when I am alone. For giving me the invisible moral support that I need the most and for letting me to live until now. 

I am thankful for my family. Thankful for bringing me to this world, for raising me up until now. For shaping me into who I am now, for supporting me all this while. For loving me and allowing me to love them back. For being the ones I can hold on to, for appreciating who I am without changing me. For giving me the best life education any child can receive, for believing that I can handle everything by myself, at my own pace. For giving me a special name I can be proud of and for accepting me as a part of a family.

I am thankful for my teachers. For teaching me many things. For showing me that there is compassion between non-blood-related people. For burning yourself to shine others. For being patient with me, for handling my attitude when you are not paid to do so. For teaching me even when it is past the office hours just to make sure I understand. For showing me that teaching is not an easy task that should not be underrated. For giving me life tips and for inspiring me to serve people better.

I am thankful to my friends. I thank them for being close to me when none of my family members are around. For cheering me up, for putting a smile on my face, for making me laugh the loudest. For reminding me to pray, for giving me wishes, for letting me believe people are warm. For teaching me that friends are always there even though we might not be close. For helping me when I am in need. For taking care of me when I am sick, for worrying after my safety. For allowing me to just be myself, for telling me that I am special and for convincing me that you will always be there for me. 

I am thankful to any people I have come across with, that are either too unrelated or too beyond to be listed under this 4 categories. Thank you for teaching me life lessons. Thank you for complimenting me. Thank you for boosting my confidence. Thank you for helping me and thank you for inspiring me. 

Be thankful. There are so many things to thank about. That sometimes it makes me think if I am worth all those things. Everyone is just... too nice. I am so humbled and honoured. Really, thank you.