Jan 3, 2016


Wello bello hello 2016 what's up

It's a brand new year but it's not going to be so if we ourselves don't attempt to renew it. So, start afresh. Stay light and focused. Complete resolutions. Stay kind. Engage more. Seek truths. Fix weaknesses. Unleash potentials.

I will be going to somewhere totally new, another different phase of life. New people, new atmosphere, new lifestyle. Everything's going to be new, different from Permata. Sometimes I have this slight worry if anyone from there won't be the same as the ones I appreciate in Permata. What if there's no friend whom I can run to and just talk about ideas, philosophies etc? What if I can't find someone whom I can debunk myths together? What if I can't find someone whom I can find inspirations from him/her? What if I can't find someone who is... like Permata?

And I wonder again, why must I find someone who is like Permata? It's another place, of course you'll find different people! You'll find KYUEM people (eh?). I wonder how will the culture be like... Permata is home to me. It's (oddly) a cage that sets me free. Where I can just think, explore, express all my muses, feelings etc despite stressful life and some ridiculous rules

Now I have the insecurity if the new place will be like Permata. I don't want it to be a place which confines my brain and soul. I need to be free.

But one thing for sure, I'll keep my Permata spirit kindled all the time.

For the mean time, the new friends I've made are not bad at all. (We already have a WhatsApp group; that's fast) I am so glad I have other 11 people together, at least their presence is affirming enough. And I hope all 12 of us stay together until the end, no casualties.

Come on May. This is a new challenge. Just do it! It might not be as bad as you think. And hey, you're unofficially 18. Time to grow up buddy.

And yes, 2015 has been a really, really good year. I am grateful.