Jan 25, 2016


Such a long weekend. And I have so much time and space alone to think and appreciate many stuffs.

First of all, coming to KY has made me a more appreciative person. If it's not for YK scholarship, I wouldn't have ended up here. I couldn't afford to enter here or even to do any international/private syllabus (A-Levels, IB, ADP etc you name it) using my own money. Entering here isn't even included in my dreams; it's financially impossible to reach.

But yeah, now I am in KY doing A-Levels.

And I couldn't appreciate more for coming from an average income family. I did help working in my father's shop and teaching in my mother's tuition center and that taught me money really does not come easy. At least in my family context. Because of this, I appreciate things that are given to me more. Scholarships do not come easy too so I am grateful I get one. And this has helped to alleviate my parents' burden and I am so thankful for it.

There is never a dream in my life to become rich, or to hope that my family will become richer. Because I know if I wish for those things, I wouldn't have been the present me.

And definitely, it is a blessing to feel grateful a lot of times. I think my heart has expanded more.

KY is always breezy and as the wind sweeps through my hair, I would always spare some time looking at the sceneries here. It's breathtaking; the fact that the view calms my soul and that I am here, witnessing this with my own eyes.

Thank God.

And during this weekend too I spent time to catch up with my good old friends. I talked to one friend for more than 2 hours and also WhatsApp-ed another friend for almost one whole day.

"We are really at different sides of the world. It's like an intersection of two planets, where you and I are at the intersection point."

And that, thank you, my friend. I am very glad we have the same mind, we have each other to support each other's back and that we are happy for each other, no matter what we do and where we end up.