Mar 29, 2016


So... you were bored. You scrolled different tabs infinitely and found nothing interesting to linger long enough. So you went to your blog posts and started reading all the old posts. Then you found one of the most viewed posts: Physics Olympiad Camp Day 1, which was posted two years ago, 1st of April 2014.

Then you continued reading the next post, which summed up everything that happened in the whole week of iPhO (International Physics Olympiad) camp. You found it hilarious and a little bit over-reacting but it was actually true though. It WAS really hard. You thought you wouldn't make it to the next round, but you did. But of course it was HARDER and kinda scarred you for life whenever the word 'physics' comes into your mind.

But now you are in pre-university, and you are getting closer to a more advanced syllabus. Every step leading to that level reminds you of the Advanced Physics course you joined when you were 15, the two iPhO camps you were selected when you were 16, then the 'extra advanced physics' class that you joined when you were 17 and when you finally made a decision that, "Yes, I'm going to pursue Biophysics." You had a very interesting memory lane with physics, even now - but I think it should not be shared LMAO

And through all these physics experience, is where you find your circle of friends. People that you can talk advanced physics (without mastering the basics first hahaha) with. People who teach you more than just physics. Seriously, real physics enthusiasts, they don't teach just physics. They teach about everything. Or is physics everything? Hmm you'll keep that in mind to chew. And who teach you to chew stuffs in your brain? People from the physics memory lane. Who help you to reach this state - this 'Wee Soo May' state? Those people.

You like physics not because you are particularly good in it. You like it because it is otherwise. You like it because you can't beat physics. Physics always beats you. Whenever you successfully solved a physics question, you had that 'Eureka' moment and celebrated it for a while, but then you knew you would not be having that for a long time again.

But that is what makes it interesting! And that people should not link 'interest in physics' to 'A* in physics'. Well you can, but it isn't necessarily that. You can be dumb, but you can still be enchanted by how universe is made. And isn't that smart?